Top 5 Feuds For John Morrison’s WWE Return

We break down who we want to see John Morrison face off against when he rejoins the WWE, a fact which was revealed thanks to WWE Backstage.
John Morrison WWE

3. The Miz

John Morrison vs. The Miz

When you think of John Morrison’s early run in the WWE, you have to think of MNM, where he teamed with Joey Mercury and partnered with the Miz. Together, they won the WWE Tag Team Championships on 3 occasions. But, like all good things, their friendship came to an end.

The A-Lister and the Monday Night Delight made each other better with their tag team, but they made each other even greater with their rivalry. The last match John Morrison competed in for the WWE was against The Miz when he was WWE Champion, but this would also be a fantastic way to bring Morrison back!


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