Apex Legends: The Year in Review (Part 6 of 7)

Respawn introduced 6 characters at the start of Apex Legends, with additional ones available through gameplay or as the seasons progress. We evaluate them now.

Post-Release Characters

Of course, not all the characters available in Apex Legends today were available on launch. Respawn has released three new characters, one for each season of the game.

Season 1: Octane

Apex Legends Octane
Here comes the Octraine, baby!!

Season 1 did offer a new character in Octane, the “I-blew-my-legs-off-with-a-grenade-to-jump-further” adrenaline junkie. At first, I hated the dudebro attitude that defined Octane, primarily because everyone who played him immediately ran off on their own and started a fight they weren’t ready to win and caused trouble for the team as a whole.

After playing him, though, I learned to really appreciate the mobility that Octane brings the table, and I’ve had a lot of fun playing him. His jump pad offers a quick way of flanking enemies, and unlike Pathfinder’s zip line, the jump pads can be used to travel in any direction.

I’ve even seen some people use the jump pad defensively by placing it in doorways and launching unsuspecting enemies into corners where they can’t easily escape.

Season 2: Wattson

Apex Legends Wattson
See what I mean? Adorable!

Season 2 also introduced a new character: the absolutely adorable Wattson. Basically the exact opposite of Octane, Wattson is all about defense and area control, as well as shutting down those pesky grenades and artillery strikes that make so much noise.

Of the defensive characters in the game, I like Wattson the most. Her fences and pylon remain on the map indefinitely, until they’re destroyed. Even after the player that places them dies, Wattson’s constructs stick around and can cause trouble for surviving teams.

What’s better is that Wattson expanded on the lore of Apex Legends, with her back story identifying her as the creator for the dreaded ring that slowly closes in on competitors in a match. Wattson isn’t just a cute face or a deadly enemy – she’s a genius with direct ties to the Apex Games!

Season 3: Crypto

Apex Legends Crypto
Crypto is on the run after uncovering a secret…

Teased in Seasons 1 and 2, Crypto finally made his debut in Season 3. Now Bloodhound has a fellow Recon Legend to hang out with!

Crypto’s abilities, as a Recon Legend, allow him to to deploy a drone capable of quickly surveying the battlefield and locate enemies, finding supply crates, and even remotely retrieving teammates’ banners if they die. The drone can either be remotely piloted, or it can be left stationary to guard an area.

The drone marks any enemies it detects for the entire team, painting them in orange so that the team can see them even through walls and other obstacles. In a tight spot, Crypto can trigger the drone to release a pretty debilitating EMP blast that deals severe damage to enemy shields.

All in all, Crypto brings a lot to any Apex Legends team, and I’ve seen him used to great effect. He offers something that was otherwise sorely lacking, and despite my initial hesitation about the character, I think he easily holds his own in terms of game design and mechanics.


Honestly, all the characters in Apex Legends so far are great. They fill a specific role on a team, and the best players are capable of playing to their character’s strengths while still being conscious of their teammate’s capabilities. Each character has offered something new, or at least a different way of achieving a similar effect as a previous character. Every character has a counter-character, so no one character is simply “better” than everyone else.

Respawn has done a fantastic job building and designing their characters, and I think that’s what makes Apex Legends truly shine.

What do you think? Who is your favorite legend? Let us know in the comments below!


Ben Ravensdale

Ben Ravensdale

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