The Illuminerdi’s Astonishing X-Show: An X-Men Podcast: Episode #1

Join The Illuminerdi as they embark on their first episode of the "Astonishing X-Show: An X-Men Podcast!" The debut episode features the 1989 animated pilot, "Pryde of the X-Men."
Astonishing X-Show: An X-Men Podcast

Venture into X-Men history with the crew from The Illuminerdi!

The Illuminerdi and Ratt Haus Productions present the Astonishing X-Show: An X-Men Podcast. Join us as we guide you through the animated adventures of the X-Men, report current X-news, and hopefully lead you up to the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Recorded at Ratt Haus Studios, the debut episode of Astonishing X-Show takes a look at the 1989 television pilot, “Pryde Of The X-Men.” The episode never led to a full series, but achieved cult status after airing in syndication and a home video release.


The pilot didn’t kick off its own show, however it cleared the way for the universally acclaimed X-Men: The Animated Series, which premiered only three years later.

Pryde of X-Men Podcast

Joe Decklemeier (ScreenRant), Brandon Zachary (CBR), and Toni Sanchez (@TheToniSanchez) host this first episode and talk about everything from their own personal favorite X-Men character to what the heck is up with Wolverine’s Australian accent.

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