5 Reasons Why The Man-Wolf Movie is Perfect For Sony’s Marvel Universe

Man-Wolf Is A Natural Spinoff

Not only does it fit the SUMC style, but it fits seamlessly into the grander story. Venom already laid the groundwork for this spinoff by including John Jameson III in the intro. He’s one of the astronauts who brought back the symbiotes for the Life Foundation. He was then possessed by Riot briefly, before it abandoned him for the EMT and crashed the ambulance they were all riding in.

This could logically result in Jameson developing a hatred of symbiotes, setting up a battle with Venom, although that would surely give way to a team-up before long. Even more exciting is the possibility that Man-Wolf could do battle with Carnage, as those two have clashed several times in the source material as well.


The film already has a potential lead in Chris O’Hara (who played Jameson in Venom), although it is highly likely that Sony would recast, considering that O’hara is primarily a stuntman. Man-Wolf could spin out of Venom organically and could result in a fight between Carnage and Man-Wolf, a very exciting prospect for fans of both characters.

Man-Wolf Could Open The Door To Cosmic Swords and Sorcery 

Carnage, Venom, and the entire Klyntar species, have recently undergone several changes in the comic universe. The scope of their origin and backstory has become infinitely more cosmic and medieval as of late. For example, symbiote dragons, a winged Venom, and a unique version of the legend of Beowulf, have all been incorporated into the mythos. Detailing all of the other new swords and sorcery elements of Venom would require another separate article, so I’ll just suggest you read Venom Vol.4 and the Absolute Carnage crossover. They’re well worth your time. 

Man-Wolf Stargod

Long before Venom tackled cosmic dungeons and dragons, Stargod was rolling the D20. The Other Realm is a land of wizards, knights, and flying lizards. There’s a floating castle in the sky, and undead skeletons. If fan reception to this magical place is positive, it could result in Sony introducing the more fantastical elements of the new Venom comics into a Venom sequel in the future. 


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