Superman & Lois Character Descriptions Revealed: EXCLUSIVE

The CW's Superman & Lois, which got recently a straight to series order, is adding several DC characters and The Illuminerdi has looked into some casting calls.
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The CW’s Arrowverse franchise will see one more show join the line-up next season when Superman & Lois, starring Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch, begins.

The latest Superman iteration on the small-screen will follow the last son of Krypton and the Daily Planet’s star reporter as they embark on the challenges that come with being parents. With “Crisis on Infinite Earths” changing their history so that they now have two teenage boys, Jonathan and Jordan, this show will be quite different from previous Superman-related series.

Rather than having to wait till May to find out if it goes to series or not, Superman & Lois was picked-up early by The CW back in January. With production happening at some uncertain point this year, given the Coronavirus pandemic, the show is still looking to add several characters to the cast. Primetimer previously revealed a handful of names that will be seen throughout season 1. Now, The Illuminerdi can exclusively reveal some more details on these characters in terms of what the casting department is looking for.


The “Bunyan” Family In Superman & Lois

Lana Lang in Superman & Lois?

While Clark is already happily married with Lois, the series will feature another iconic Superman character that goes back to the hero’s teenage years. Primetimer revealed that Lana Lang is set to appear in the series, with the character “Sally Bunyan” most likely being a cover name for her in the casting calls.

With the production looking to cast a diverse 35-39 year old actress, “Sally” is described as a loan officer at a bank who is married to “Kyle Bunyan” and has two daughters, 16-year-old “Sarah” and 8-year-old “Sophie.” The casting description notes that they are looking for these series regular roles to be portrayed by “diverse” actors.

“Sally’s” life takes a turn when she reconnects with her high school boyfriend, which in turn is another straining factor in her marriage to “Kyle.” On the subject of her husband, the casting department is looking for a diverse actor between 35 and 39 to play “Kyle”, a fire station chief who has basically become a hero in his own right to the town. Described as being an alcoholic who has seen a lot of darkness in humanity, “Kyle” has some problematic attitude issues that affect those around him.

“Sarah” is a gifted, popular teenage girl who is keeping some dark secrets that she only begins to reveal when she begins a relationship with a certain boy. “Sophie” is described as a young girl who tends to embarrass her family. Based on these details, it sounds like the “Bunyan” family will have quite the stories to tell in the show.

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? It’s Recasting Time!

Glenn Morshower played General Samuel Lane, the father of Lois and Lucy Lane, in the first season of Supergirl. He hasn’t been seen since the series moved from CBS to The CW, and don’t expect to see him back for Superman & Lois. The spinoff is looking to recast the part, which will be in a series regular capacity.

They’re looking for a Caucasian actor in his 60s to play Samuel, a serious Army General whose main mission is to protect the United States of America as well as the world from any threats, whether it comes from on or off Earth. Anyone who works for or together with him is expected to performing 110% no matter what.

Two Potential Mystery Foes

One of the characters that Primetimer revealed would be showing up is DC foe Morgan Edge, who has already been played by Adrian Pasdar on Supergirl. However, it appears this character is also getting recast as the series regular role “Sabastien Saint”, sounds 100% like Morgan.

Looking for an actor in his 40s of any ethnicity, “Sabastian” is a smart, forceful and intense billionaire who has for some reason continued to succeed. “Sabastien’s” natural gift to drive can benefit others while it can become someone’s hell. Should this indeed be Morgan, then that makes it for a perfect antagonist for Lois and Clark.

However, it looks like Superman & Lois will have an even more dangerous villain. The final series regular part they’re looking for is “Ryan Simmons”, a diverse male in his late 20s or early 30s. Teased as being a man who has lost everything that he holds dear in life, “Ryan’s” sole purpose now is to go after everyone who is responsible for destroying his life battling with appeasing his inner rage that is getting worse.

This might be “The Stranger” role that Primetimer was referencing in their report. While there is no DC character that goes by “The Stranger” directly – though there is the Phantom Stranger – it’s most likely going to turn out to be someone from the canon whenever his identity is revealed.

Who do you want to see play these parts? Who might the mysterious “The Stranger” be? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned here on The Illuminerdi on all the latest for the Superman & Lois show.


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