Doctor Who Showrunner And Star Find Ways To Engage With Fans During Self-Isolation

Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker doled out solid COVID-19 advice to fans from home, while showrunner Chris Chibnall released a new short story for them to read.
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The latest series of Doctor Who finished spectacularly with “The Timeless Children” on March 1, but that doesn’t mean that those of us staying indoors due to self-isolation have to miss out on any new Doctor Who fun. In fact, it looks like the treats from series showrunner Chris Chibnall may just be beginning.

In light of recent events, many of us might say we were in desperate need of some help and advice from a certain Doctor right about now. Whilst some Whovians have joined together for a global Simulcast of “The Day of the Doctor”, others are taking advantage of being able to catch up with their favorite episodes on demand.


Helpful Advice From The Star Of Doctor Who

And in the last week, star Jodie Whittaker treated us to some rather excellent advice from the 13th Doctor, all recorded at home from her phone.

“I’m actually just self isolating – or as I like to call it, hiding. From an army of Sontarans.”

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In the emergency transmission, she gave some super advice to help ease the minds of fans who follow her adventures through Time and Space.

One; Remember, you will get through this and things will be alright, even if they look uncertain. Even if you’re worried, darkness will never prevail

Two; Tell jokes. Even bad ones. Especially bad ones. I am brilliant at bad ones.

Three; Be kind. Even kinder then you were yesterday. And I know you were super kind yesterday. Look out for each other. You won’t be the only ones worried. Talking will help. Sharing will help. look out for your friends, your neighbours, people you hardly know. And family, because in the end, we’re all family.

Four; Listen to science. And listen to Drs. Right? They’ve got your back.

Five; Stay strong. Stay positive. You’ve got this. And I will see you very soon.

If advice from the Doctor wasn’t enough to whet the appetites of all the Whovians in self isolation, Chris Chibnall has released a new short story on the BBC’s site entitled “Things She Thought Whilst Falling.” The story is set as the 13th Doctor falls through space just after regenerating.

Chibnall precedes the short story with a brief message about the strange circumstances we currently find ourselves in. He goes on to say that the site will be updated perhaps once or twice a week with ‘treats’ and even a never before seen post by Russell T Davies!

To start us off, I’ve written a few words about what went through the Thirteenth Doctor’s head, immediately after she regenerated and was thrown out of her TARDIS.

Doctor Who in Tardis

The short story gives us an insight into the Doctor’s mind only seconds before the Season 11 premiere. In it, Chibnall gives an account of the Doctors exact feelings as she falls to earth.

Her initial thought being why is there no inbuilt parachute in her clothes? She then goes on to make up the word Dematerialexploding to explain what is happening to her Tardis. It is a great piece and you can absolutely imagine Jodie Whittaker saying every single word.

Her newly minted mind had already had three thousand and seven thoughts over the course of three seconds. She knew because she counted, and she only realised she’d counted once she’d finished counting, and then she wondered whether the counting made three thousand and eight thoughts and then she realised that the ground was another second closer, and a plan would probably be in order.

What’s Next For Doctor Who?

In this current time, small acts of kindness such as Chris Chibnall’s short story and Jodie Whittaker’s advice are welcome distractions from the uncertainty we currently face. The loyal fanbase of Doctor Who have always been well treated by the producers, writers and actors who star in the series.

Yet this new content is above and beyond what the fans have come to expect and welcomed by many at this time. Although Series 12 has recently ended and the new series is supposed to begin filming later this year (obviously this is Covid-19 depending…), these fun treats act as a great way to keep us all engaged in the Doctor’s adventures.

Will you be keeping up with the 13th Doctors adventures whilst in self isolation? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Screenrant, BBC