Seth MacFarlane Offers Family Guy Public Service Announcement For Quarantined Listeners

Seth MacFarlane's zany characters from Family Guy offer a much needed PSA during the current global crisis.
Family Guy Bed

You may have heard what to do about the coronavirus from pretty much everyone from the government, to the CDC, to state officials, every single corporate mailer you’ve ever signed up for or didn’t, and your Uncle Frank, whom you only begrudgingly see maybe twice a year at family events.

Seth Macfarlane, a pretty cool guy who plays a talking dog and a evil-but-not-really baby on television or something, has a few words to say regarding COVID-19 and what you can do to protect yourself and others…You know…in the talking dog/ Evil Baby kind of way.

Not to spoil things, but Brian and Stewie are pretty much spot on. Not just in terms of their briefing about safety, but also what its been like being in quarantine. Which by now, I’m sure we’re all used to, right?

This is forever right?

No? Okay, moving on…

Family Guy Promo

Beyond discussing a few safety tips that you have probably heard of, we also get a few other Family Guy characters weighing in on their situation in the crisis.

Jokes aside, it’s refreshing to have Seth Macfarlane place a comedic spin in a time of economic and health uncertainty in our communities. Also, I wouldn’t mind having this as a podcast, if we find ourselves stuck indoors for the long haul. But a fanboy can dream, right? The PSA is only about 5 minutes or so, so give it a watch!

Not like you have somewhere to be or anything…

Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy PSA

Anyone wanna play Sorry?

Do you think this Family Guy PSA is effective? Looking forward to things going back to normal? Or are we looking at some permanent changes after quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!



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