Sony’s Man-Wolf Film Should Be The Gravity Falls Of The SUMC…Seriously

Gravity Falls: A story of family set in a world of fantasy

If the family bonds in Man-Wolf are half as meticulously crafted and powerful as those in Gravity Falls, the story will already be stronger than most of the competition. That being said, the relationships in the Pines and Jameson families are only half of the story. There are plenty of TV shows and movies that feature interesting and complex familial relationships, but very few that set those relationships in a place like Gravity Falls or The Other Realm. 

Gravity Falls Disney

“Just west of weird.” The Gravity Falls tagline is something of an understatement. A more appropriate tagline might read “Deep in the heart of extremely bizarre.” Creatures such as the Gobblewonker, the Multi-bear, and the Gremloblin all called Gravity Falls home, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In The Other Realm, undead skeletons, sorcerers and winged alien horses were commonplace. 

Man-Wolf needs to embrace the weirdness of The Other Realm as wholeheartedly as the creators of Gravity Falls did for the eponymous town. Any attempt to ground the story of The Stargod would be a disservice to the character and would ultimately result in a lackluster film. John Jameson III’s story needs to be more akin to Ragnarok than The Dark World, leaning into it’s zany, extreme roots instead of trying to humanize a story about a space god. The Other Realm deserves to be as vibrant and absurd onscreen as it is in the panels, if not more so. 

Gravity Falls could, and arguably should, be used as a blueprint for the further development of the Man-Wolf film. Sony’s Universe Of Marvel Characters needs to create comic book adaptations that are fresh, unique, and wholly unexpected if it wants to compete with the MCU and the DCEU. In a perfect world, Sony would simply hire Alex Hirsch as screenwriter and producer for Man-Wolf, although that’s probably not going to happen. Then again, he did work on the screenplay for Sony’s Into The Spider-Verse, so Amy Pascal and Co. already have his contact information….


Would you like to see a Gravity Falls inspired Man-Wolf film? Should Alex Hirsch lead the project? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media! 


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