5 Perfect Roles That John Krasinski Would Crush in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Actor and director John Krasinski has been heavily rumored to be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everyone assumes it's to play Mr. Fantastic, but what if Marvel has other plans?

3) Scott Summers/Cyclops

Cyclops John Krasinksi

In the first on-screen iteration of the X-Men, Wolverine was turned into a main leader of the team. This was a new turn from the comics, although Hugh Jackman’s performance seemed to lead the franchise in a new direction. If Marvel Studios wanted to go more comic book accurate for the franchise reboot using John Krasinski, he could be a great fit for the leader of the X-Men comics: Cyclops.

Scott Summers’ role in the first Fox iteration, while played very well by James Marsden, was very much toned down from his role in the comics. He was technically second in command, but performances from other stars like Jackman, Halle Berry’s Storm and Patrick Stewart’s Professor X seemed to overshadow him at every turn. It’s safe to say that almost nobody would overshadow John Krasinski in a new version of Cyclops. Although we wouldn’t get to see those big green eyes behind the mask, his performance would shine through brilliantly as the classic team leader.



Richard Nebens

Richard Nebens

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