Star Wars Trading Card App Gets A Big Update for Its Fifth Anniversary

In order to celebrate its 5th anniversary, the Star Wars Card Trader app by Topps just got a hefty makeover and brought a lot of new users.

The Star Wars Card Trader app was released by Topps way back in 2015 and has just received a major update for it’s fifth anniversary.

The app has recently introduced Vintage Cards for people to collect and play. Not only are a bunch of new people coming to the app, but returning users are returning as well. So much so that the app has been having perfomance issues causing the app to crash.


One of the developers of the app, Marc Seal, had this to say about the crashes:

“There is a lot of work being done and improvements have already been issued to the server that will make sure that these issues don’t happen again… But there’s still some work to be done before we are ready for another full-fledged event like this to avoid any issues.”

Star Wars Trading Card App Resurgence!

star wars card trader

Seal also had this to say about the resurgence of the Star Wars Card Trader App:

“It’s our job to come up with unique ways to keep the Star Wars universe engaging the fans. So even if it takes a little bit longer to get that new content, we’ll be doing our jobs to make sure that the communities continue to be able to interact and experience the Star Wars universe in an amazing way that carries them the extended distance until they get the next thing that Lucasfilm is able to gift to the Star Wars community.”

I really think it’s cool that people are able to enjoy this app again even after it’s been out of five years. I may just have to redownload the app myself with all of these new additions to explore and ejoy!

Are you guys going to give the Star Wars Card Trader App a shot? Let us know in the comments below and come back to The Illuminderdi for more Star Wars news!


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