Green Lantern TV Series Coming To HBO Max Will Be Produced By Comic Book Writer Geoff Johns

The Green Lantern series, soon to come to HBO Max, will involve comic book creator Geoff Johns in addition to Arrowverse chief Greg Berlanti.
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Comic book writer Geoff Johns and his production company Mad Ghost Productions will be involved in the production of HBO Max’s Green Lantern show.

The live-action show is rumored to be linked to a potential Green Lantern Corps movie, which Johns would also be involved in. Greg Berlanti, who is responsible for producing The Flash and Arrow for the CW network – several successful series which have affectionately been dubbed “the Arrowverse” – will be joining Johns as well, alongside his company Berlanti Productions.

Green Lantern Is On His Way In Darkest Night

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On the Mad Ghost Productions website, there is a very short description of the long-rumored Green Lantern Corps movie that Johns was also working on. It reveals that the movie will center around both John Stewart and Hal Jordan, and not much else.

The last time we saw the character on TV or film was the infamous occasion in which Ryan Reynolds led played the Green Lantern. The movie was overall disliked by fans and critics, and even Reynolds himself has cracked many jokes on Twitter or in Deadpool 2 about how that went down. Whether it was the completely CGI suit or the bad dialogue that turned everyone off, Berlanti and Johns are hoping hope to erase the images from this film in everyone’s mind.


The description for the series, however, includes Alex Ross-inspired artwork ripped straight from the comics and gives us a glimpse into the direction of the show. We still await more details on what the show will be about, although rumors of a new lead character and a new storyline are out there.

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