Deadpool Creator Blames Marvel For Deadpool 3’s Limbo Status

Rob Liefeld opens up about why he blames Marvel for the delay in a Deadpool 3 announcement, despite the franchise's lucrative history.
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When news about Deadpool getting his 1st live action movie was announced, fans were excited, especially as this also meant erasing the strange version that appeared in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. Then when it came out, fans flocked to the theater and plenty of money was made. The cycle continued with Deadpool 2, which pleased the box office and fans alike.

Which means Deadpool 3 shouldn’t be a problem at all, right?


Ryan Reynolds has been fighting for the movie at least, as he has visited the studio and has spoken in many interviews about the unsure future of the series. So it is safe to say he wants this to happen as much as the fans do – and as much as the creator of Merc with a Mouth himself, Rob Liefeld.

Rob Liefeld Opens Up About Deadpool

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In an interview with, Liefeld spoke about who he believes is to blame for the delay and why.

“I blame Marvel…blame Marvel that that hasn’t happened yet… They are the reason it isn’t happening. Whatever conundrum or it didn’t fit into your master plan, just commission it. Okay, commission it. You know if Frank Frazetta was still around, you would say, ‘Frank, paint for me.'”

It looks like the creator is angry that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not taking the time to introduce the mutant characters – and since Deadpool is a mutant, it wouldn’t make sense for the character to be the lone character of his breed introduced. The MCU so far has made no new announcement of introducing any mutants, whether it be Deadpool or the X-Men, in Phase 4. But that may be just to build up hype before they are inevitably ready to drop the exciting news.

If Deadpool 3 is made within the MCU, his actions may be tweaked a bit to fit the brand and his character might need to have a slight reboot. Another change that might happen is the rating of the movie, since both previous entries were R rated. It’s highly unlikely that Disney would be willing to keep it in that category, as opposed to changing the rating to the more suitable and bankable PG-13.

A re-release of Deadpool 2 was rated PG-13, so it is possible. But is it something fans would want? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure you stay up to date with The Illuminerdi for more Marvel news and features.


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