Booker T Thinks Sting Just May End Up In AEW

Despite Mike Tyson's return, Booker T still thinks Sting may end up joining AEW after leaving the WWE. Do you agree?
WCW Sting and Booker T

Booker T thinks the rumors of Sting wrestling or at least working with AEW are true.

Earlier we reported about wrestling legend Sting working with AEW.  Sting is currently not under contract with WWE, so when this news hit the internet rumors were ablaze about maybe seeing Sting in AEW.  Those rumors died when Mike Tyson filled in the role, as everyone thought Sting would take as the presenter of a new title.


However, on The Hall Of Fame With Booker T & Brad Gilmore the pair spoke about the rumors.  Booker T thinks that these rumors are not as far-fetched as we previously thought.

“Brother, you know what? Anything can happen in this business,” Booker T continued. “These old guys, man, always feel like they wanna jump. They always feel like they got something left in the tank. Always feel like they got one last run in them. I would not doubt for one minute that we see Sting back inside of the squared circle wrestling against Darby Allin. Sting vs. Darby, you know what I mean?”

WWE Sting
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Sting would not be the first or the last legend to come out of retirement to wrestle one more match or even a few more matches.  That wrestling bug gets a hold of these guys and it just won’t let go.  They think they are still healthy and strong so why not give it another go.  Most recently Goldberg has been doing just that.

End Their Career On Their Terms

Sometimes they don’t like how their in-ring career ended and want their final match to be something worthy of a grand finale to their wrestling career.  This is exactly what happened with Sting and his lackluster final match with Seth Rollins because of an injury, but still lackluster.

Booker T thinks this could be a reason why Sting may return to wrestling in an AEW ring.

“Sting was no spring chicken,” Booker T continued.  “Sting was the oldest guy in the locker room. Sting could not go out there and perform at the level he once could as well as father time catches up with everyone.”

“I’m sure he would have liked a better run. I’m sure he would have liked to make a bigger impact in WWE,” Booker T continued. “I’m sure Sting, his mind wanted to do so much more than his body would let him and once you get an injury like that in WWE, they put you on a no-touch list. So him doing something there is slim to none as far as going out there and having that WrestleMania moment with The Undertaker, slim to none.

So for him to see him make the jump to AEW, I could see that. I could see Sting doing that because right now Sting probably still feels like he’s got something left to give as well as Sting probably feels like he wants to end it. A lot of wrestlers have that bravado. They want to go out some special kind of way, you know what I’m saying. I think the rumors are true and I think they’re saying, I’m just reading that ‘WWE Hall of Famer will not appear at Double or Nothing PPV,’ but that just could be smoke and mirrors.”

WWE Booker T
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I don’t know if the “no-touch list” after a serious injury is as true as Booker T suggests.  It is all about getting cleared and the type of injury.  If the wrestler can be cleared to wrestle then WWE doesn’t seem to have an issue with the wrestler returning to in-ring action.

Two names come to mind which are a prime example of that.  Edge and Daniel Bryan had serious injuries and were told they would never be able to wrestle again, but they got cleared and are wrestling again.


Is Wrestling Again A Safe Choice For Sting?

Booker T expressed his thoughts on if Sting would go to AEW, but if he should go or even wrestle again is something else entirely.

“No, I don’t. I don’t. I mean I don’t. Especially with the style that they work in AEW, unless they put him in there with someone with Chris Jericho,” Booker T continued.

“Someone who could go out there and take care of him and protect him a little bit, but then again…you know, nothing against these guys coming back and trying to get in the ring or anything like that, but Sting is well past his prime and for him to go back out there and do it, it would just be for him and him only because I know all the fans, they’re going to love Sting whether he gets in the ring or wrestle ever again.

His fans are going to be there for him. He shows up and do his autograph signings whatnot, but just like taking his bad bump with Seth Rollins and coming up lame the way he was in the ring from that debilitating injury as far as what was going on in his spine, what was going on in his neck.”

Personally I don’t think Sting will wrestle in AEW.  I think if he goes there it will not be in an in-ring capacity.  Sting has expressed wanting to wrestle Undertaker and this has been a dream matchup for a long time.  I don’t think Sting will wrestle again unless it is against Undertaker.

Do you think Sting will go to AEW?  Do you think Sting should wrestle one last time?  Who would your dream Sting opponent be?  Stinger Splash your thoughts down in the comments.

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