Star Wars: The High Republic Delayed Until 2021

Those eagerly anticipating The High Republic, will have to wait until next year according to LucasFilm.
Star Wars The High Republic

Star Wars fans alike were eagerly anticipating the release of Star Wars: The High Republic, a new publishing series set in the golden age of the Jedi. Unfortunately, due to logistical complications brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the series has been delayed until next year.

What is The High Republic?

The High Republic is an untouched era of Star Wars lore set approximately 200 years prior to The Phantom Menace. This era is considered to be the height of the Jedi Order, a time where expansion and exploration of uncharted space was rampant. This exploration was heralded by the Starlight Beacon, a space station which sent signals into deep space, guiding travelers safely through the unexplored reaches of the Outer Rim.


During the High Republic, the galaxy was often antagonized by a group of “space vikings,” called the Nihil. Details are scarce about Lucasfilm’s mystery project, but we do know that many of these stories will be centered around the Great Disaster. An event where starships across the galaxy were abruptly knocked out of hyperspace, leaving the Jedi Order to find out how and why.

The Nihil

What has been delayed?

Lucasfilm Publishing creative director Michael Siglain published the following in a press release on

Given these unprecedented times, we have made the decision to move the launch of Star Wars: The High Republic to January 2021 to ensure that the launch is as grand and epic as it deserves to be.

That leaves us with this release slate: Charles Soule’s adult novel Light of the Jedi and Justina Ireland’s middle-grade novel, A Test of Courage will be released on January 5th, 2021. Claudia Gray’s young adult novel Into the Dark will release February 2nd, 2021. Currently there’s no scheduled release date for the two announced comic series: Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic series and IDW Publishing’s Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures.

starlight beacon the high republic

Siglain Teases Things to Come

Later in the press release, Siglain drops some hints about some future stories we will learn more about this summer:

You’ll hear from them (the writers) this summer, and when you do, be sure to ask them about “The Hero of Hetzal,” “the twins,” the “Blade of Bardotta,” the Starros and San Tekka clans, and the Storms. You’re not going to believe what they’ve got in store for the Jedi and the Republic.

Taking a look at those hints, Bardotta is a planet explored in the audio book, Dooku: Jedi Lost and in two episodes of Clone Wars. Sana Starros, a popular character from the comics, is a smuggler who once pretended to be Han Solo’s wife so they could pull off a job. Lor San Tekka was a member of the Church of the Force who we met at the very beginning of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Before he lost his life to Kylo Ren, San Tekka used to travel with Luke Skywalker in the Age of the New Republic to study and discover Jedi lore. Will both these families be explored in The High Republic era?

The High Republic project is an exciting prospect that is going to usher in a new era of Star Wars storytelling. Out of everything revealed, what are you most excited for? Would you want a film or Disney+ series set in the High Republic? Sound off in the comments below!



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