Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 13 Review: Grid Connection

Power Rangers fans have been waiting for this episode of Beast Morphers for years at this point. Does it live up to the hype? Let's find out!

Power Rangers fans have been waiting for this episode of Beast Morphers for years at this point. Dino Charge fans have been wanting Power Rangers to adapt the epic three-team dino crossover from Super Sentai, and now the time has finally come.

Does the episode live up to the hype? Let’s find out!

The episode begins with Keeper showing up to warn the Beast Morphers rangers that he received a vision from the Morphin Grid warning him about the defeat of a ranger team as well as Devon getting hit by a meteor. He is unsure, however, on which ranger team it was in the vision. Devon does not take this seriously and decides to go to a gaming tournament in an unusually uncharacteristic move.


On his way to the gaming tournament, Devon gets hit by a meteor making part of Keeper’s vision come to fruition. Back at Grid Battleforce, the Beast Morphers rangers get a transmission from Tyler, the Red Dino Charge ranger, saying that they are being attacked and need their assistance.

The Beast Morphers Power Rangers Join the Battle!

The Beast Morphers (minus Devon) go to the Dino Charge dimension to help but are quickly overwhelmed by Goldar Maximus and his crew as they have gotten their hands on the Red, Black, Blue, and Gold energems. Ravi sends a message back to Grid Battleforce saying that they have been defeated and need more back up before the transmission ends.

Devon and Cruise arrive at HQ with the meteor that hit Devon. Devon realizes that Keeper was right and decides to use the meteor which disrupts energy to send a distress signal through the Morphin Grid to call for reinforcements. Suddenly in the Morphin Grid energy, a Power Coin appears and behind Devon, the original Red Ranger, Jason appears! Devon then gives Jason his Power Coin as Jason and Devon then proceed to head out to help the other rangers.

power rangers beast morphers jason

Back in the Dino Charge dimension, it is revealed that Evox is using Dino DNA and the energems he stole to make his own Dino zord! Tyler overhears this and tells the other rangers. Meanwhile, Devon and Jason appear with back-up morphers for the Beast Morphers rangers and dino chargers full of Morph-X for the Dino Charge rangers that lost their energems. Jason tells Devon to go out back while he takes the other rangers for a full-frontal attack.


Jason takes the Dino Charge rangers to take on Goldar Maximus, Snide, and their armies of henchmen. Goldar tells Jason that they have no chance as he has an army. Jason replies “That’s not an army, this is an army!” Soon after the remaining Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Dino Thunder Rangers appear and attack Goldar’s army.

Now is the epic battle! Dino Rangers from the different generations fighting side by side to take out these evil threats. Ivan takes out Roxy and the Dino Thunder rangers take out Snide. Blaze sees that things are not going so well so he retreats to inform Evox.

The Beast Morphers rangers try to confront Evox and stop him from unleashing his zord however they are too late as Evox is too far along. They are able to defeat Blaze, however.

Back at the dino battle Goldar Maximus is the only general left. Goldar is defeated as the three Dino teams come together for one big final blast defeating Goldar for good. Soon after Evox unleashes his six-headed dino zord causing the dino teams to call upon the power of all three of their megazords!

Devon asks the commander to send a zord to the Dino Charge dimension. She sends the Beast-X King Zord and Devon uses the zord to help the Dino Rangers by combining the Beast-X King zord with the Dino Charge megazord.

Together with the might of all three megazords, the rangers are able to defeat Evox’s dino zord. Evox retreats making this a victory for the rangers!

The rangers then go on to celebrate their victory. Jason gives a speech on how no matter the place or time there will always rangers to save the world. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Dino Thunder rangers then go through the portal to go to the main timeline. The Beast Morphers rangers say their goodbyes to the Dino Charge rangers and Devon apologizes to Keeper for not believing in the Morphin Grid. The Beast Morphers rangers also then go through the portal to the main dimension ending the episode.

Overall, I thought that this was a decent Power Rangers team-up. The majority of complaints that I see with the episode are the fact they weren’t able to get all of the rangers to return, but we have known this for months now so I don’t think it’s far to hold it against the episode too much. I understand that it is disappointing, but this is something we knew going in.


Some issues that I had with the episode that could have actually been fixed was the lack of explanation for Jason and Devon’s actions at the beginning of the episode. It was really disappointing that we didn’t really get to see what Jason has been up to all of these years, so I would have like to have seen a little more of that. As for the Devon situation, I feel like that was just put in there for plot convenience as him just wanting to ditch the rangers for very uncharacteristic for him. I feel if this were Season 1, Devon it would have made a little more sense but it was still a little confusing to watch.

Another issue that I had with this episode – and this has been a constant issue throughout the past team-ups – is the fact that this episode should have been two parts. I appreciate what the writers did having a build up in the past episodes leading into the Dino Team up but I still feel that this episode itself would have benefitted from being two parts. I still overall liked the episode and thought it was a lot better than the other team-up episodes we have gotten in years past.

What were your thoughts on this team-up? Do you echo my feelings in liking the team up or did you think it was one of the lesser team-ups? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to come back to The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers Beast Morphers news in the future!



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