The Stranger Things Creators Have Already Planned The Shocking End Of the Series

The Duffer brothers recently shocked the streaming world, with the proclamation that they already know the end of Stranger Things.
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It looks like the eighties is coming to an end again. The mysteries that surround the city of Hawkins, Indiana may continue, but the creators behind Stranger Things already have a definite ending to the series in mind.

When talking to Deadline, Ross and Matt Duffer spoke about the halt of the Netflix series and what they have been doing during the time of quarantine. Here is what Matt had to say about the ending of the Stranger Things series.

“We’ve known the ending of the show for quite awhile. The honest truth is we didn’t know if we’d go beyond season one, so we like the idea of season one that it could function basically as its own standalone piece, like almost as a limited series. But it had the potential to go beyond that. And if it were to go beyond that, we had an idea of where it would go. Yeah, and we have an ending in mind.”

It looks like Duffer had a plan for the series all the way from the first season, just in case the show didn’t get picked up for a second season. The Duffer brothers also knew that the show inevitably would end and wanted to make sure that it ended on a high note, rather than having the show drag.


Further production on the show has been frozen due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While the two brothers also reported that they had completed three weeks of filming, before the shutdown occurred.

The Approach to Growing Child Actors on Stranger Things

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The break has also been an issue with the cast, as they continue to get older and the scenes with them could create some inconsistencies. Duffer also says that they may make some adjustments once things are safe and they return. This is not the first time they have had to do so.

Here is what Ross Duffer had to say about the adjustment.

“The trick is, it takes us awhile to write these scripts. And so sometimes we’ll show up on set and go, ‘Oh my god, you sprouted up more than what I had in my head. I knew you were going to grow, but i didn’t think you were gonna grow that much.’ You have to adjust once you start filming. In this case, when we have most of the season finished, hopefully we’ll be able to go back before they’re too old.”

So Ross and Matt have known that with the child actors growing up fast in front of the camera, they would have to adjust on the fly. It seems that they typically film as much as they possibly can before a given actor has another growth spurt. However, the production certainly has not faced a challenge like the one that the pandemic has presented the film industry, so it will be interesting to one day discover their solutions.

In any case, the creators are ready to say goodbye to Stranger Things and will thank the fans with a great ending, that hopefully will leave it’s legacy in the highest honor.

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The fourth season of Stranger Things is scheduled to debut in 2021 on Netflix. How do you think that the series will end? What about Hooper? What clues have the Duffer brothers already left for us to find? Let’s hear your predictions in the comment section and on our social media. Make sure you stay with The Illuminerdi for more news and content.


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