Artificial’s Bernie Su Discusses Emmy Winning Series

So it’s kind of interesting that you brought up the transferring of your consciousness. I’ve been talking with everyone over the past couple of days that in modern media, the topics that you guys are covering, it’s interesting to me because there have been a lot of shows over the past few years that have covered very similar topics in a lot of different ways.

Like, The Good Place covers what it means to be a good person and meaning of life type stuff. Westworld and Star Trek: Picard, they all cover “what does it actually mean to be a person”, “what is consciousness”, all those kinds of things that you were talking about earlier.

Do you see that as being as a sign of the times that we’re living in? Or is that kind of…do you think it’s more like a coincidental type thing that people are just seeing that that’s the trend. Kind of like with Deep Impact and Armageddon or Volcano and Dante’s Peak, where there’s just a lot of that content that’s coming out? Honestly, like now we’re almost at like content over-saturation, where you can get content anywhere you look. So obviously, the amount of content that we’re getting is exponentially increased now as well.

Bernie Su:  Yeah, I mean, I do think that AI is such an ubiquitous topic right now. Like, there is a bit of that. I think it’s just so there. Like, we’re not getting a lot of, you know, like going to Mars stuff as far as the sci-fi goes. But we’re getting a lot of AI, because AI is kind of everywhere now.

We’re getting self-driving cars. We’re getting, you know, we’re talking to Siri and Alexa daily and so we’re sensing that part of the zeitgeist is there for everyone to understand. The concept of like, “oh, we’re going to Mars” is still. . . yes, we’re trying to, I know there are people out there really trying to do it and I’m not saying they’re not going to do it, but it is something where, where it’s not as ubiquitous to the culture. And so, then you have culture being culture. So, it’s a bit of that.

I can’t really say that that, you know, culture led to Deep Impact/Armageddon, or, you know, or Volcano/Dante’s Peak or Antz/Bug’s Life, like you know, the mid 90s, I guess. But then you still have that like what, Snow White? You know, the Julia Roberts one and the Charlize Theron one.


Bernie Su: You know, those, those are really close together too. So it is very Hollywood I guess, you know going “oh, this story might be worth a few more of these stories and then there is just within the culture. So I mean if you think like for example, that Watchmen, you know. The new one really focused on this whole revolution thing, it’s almost like a precursor

Yeah that was so bizarre how, like, yeah it was definitely. . . like people looking back at history now, people who will watch Watchmen and then look at what was happening in real life, it’s definitely going to feel like it was foreshadowing everything that was going to happen.

Bernie Su: Yeah amazing. I love it. Fascinating, fascinating.

Well I, could nerd out with you about science fiction and tech all day. This is where I live, this is like…my entire life is all this kinda stuff. Thank you so much for your time.

I am really looking forward to watching the rest of the season, seeing where everything is going, and how the audience interaction influences what you’re doing. Congratulations on the show again and the Emmy because this is really good content.

Bernie Su: Oh, thank you. Thank you and yeah, please, I encourage you to enjoy the season. I think, biasedly, the season is I mean, if you love the first season…this season is such a different level of craziness, in my opinion with the remote shooting and all the new tech. I hope you enjoy it.

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