new sketch release of the batman by jim lee

Jim Lee, publisher and CCO of DC Comics, released a sketch of his take on Robert Pattinson's new Batman.
batman jim lee sketch

The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, is fixing to be quite the blockbuster when it comes out in 2022. Jim Lee, publisher and CCO of DC Comics, released an awesome poster for the movie during DC’s Fandome virtual event over the summer and now has followed up with a new release.

Through his Instagram, Jim Lee has released a design of the caped crusader in his movie suit, shown off beautifully with a black and white background.

Jim Lee Takes On The Batman

jim lee and the batman

The image really makes the suit pop, and the detail of the rain and fog around Batman is equally impressive as well. With this new batsuit taking a complete turn from some of the batsuits displayed in movies before, the image really keeps the hype for the release of the movie.

With the delays caused by COVID, little gifts like this from DC will definitely help keep fans at bay as we wait for 2022 to arrive.

The images of The Batmobile used by Pattinson’s Batman really show the design and intensity of the vehicle. This movie is going to be one heck of an adventure movie.

What do you think of these images? Will you be watching this in 2022? Make sure you keep your capes pressed with The Illuminerdi for more DC Comics news and features.



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