SWORD’s New Mission Defined: Save Wanda Or Reality Dies

Episode 4 of WandaVision has brought reality crashing down around us all. In this feature, we explore S.W.O.R.D. and the new course that was set for the hit Marvel show.
WandaVision SWORD Monica Rambeau Jimmy Woo

New WandaVision Revelations From Episode 4

We learn a lot in a very short time in this new episode of WandaVision:

  • SWORD, having existed before The Snap, shifted away from Manned Earth & Space Exploration. Only 25% of their Space Program was ready, willing and able post Snap & Blip. They began creating inventions and sentient weapons based in the modalities of Robotics, Nanotech and AI. This still leaves the possibility of some of my Easter egg theories in (“Shadow Over Westview, Pt 2“) about SWORD carrying tradition, or actually rebooting Project Pegasus.
  • Monica is eager to get back into space, but is grounded due to protocols her mother set as director before she died and Tyler took over (post Snap).
  • We can finally confirm that Jimmy Woo is still working with the F.B.I. based in Oakland. He’s now on the outskirts of what appears to be Westview, NJ looking for an unnamed informant in the Witness Protection Program. The informant seems to have disappeared into the town that local authorities insist doesn’t really exist; even though there is a sign stating it does. Even outside of the Hex field, there is some sort of mind control at play. This could most certainly be Wanda’s doing, but another character could be pulling the invisible strings as well. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if this “ghost informant” went by the name Ralph “Mephisto” Scratch; but that’s just me. (I really hope you guys are checking the hyperlinks in my articles. Just like WandaVision, there’s more information than what’s on the surface).
  • Jimmy’s request for aid is answered via Monica’s arrival with a SWORD drone. The drone disappears into the Hex field, prompting Monica to discover an energy field surrounding the town. She consequentially disappears into the field as well. (Monica seems to be pulled in, whereas Jimmy stated that the field would not allow him in.)
  • Enter Darcy, now a doctor in Astrophysics, being escorted (in confidence with a Nuclear Biologist, Artificial Intelligence Specialist and Chemical Engineer) to a mobile SWORD encampment outside Westview.
  • Leave it to Darcy to figure out that Westview is emitting “A colossal amount of CMBR” interwoven with another distinct frequency that she is able to filter with her old school neuro-amplifier.
WandaVision Darcy Jimmy Woo
  • Once she gets her hands on a terrestrial RF (Radio Frequency: VHF/UHF) analog TV, Darcy is able to visualize and record Wanda’s “reality TV show.” All of this makes sense based on the trailers and information we had been given prior to the episode. The wringing twist is yet to come.
  • Darcy, Jimmy & SWORD are able to figure out that the energy field surrounding Westview is in the shape of a hexagon; a clear Easter egg to Wanda’s Hex powers. Jimmy shows that he is aware Skrulls exist and pose a possible threat to Earth already on a white vision board. (yes, I am still picking up metaphors. LOL)
WandaVision Jimmy Woo Vision board
  • They begin to use facial recognition programming to identify the other people with script lines in The WandaVision Show. Monica is located in the show during a scene we had not seen yet. Every character we know from episodes 1 through 3 are identified by SWORD, except for Agnes & Dottie. There is a question if they are real people, even though they have speaking lines. This clue further encourages me to think that the stranger Agent Woo was originally searching for is in league with the two women, or manipulating them somehow. Why was SWORD able to identify Phil Jones’ 616 identity but not his Westview wife, Dottie’s? And OMG, Herb is just a herb?!?

WandaVision Players
  • Schism Alert: Yes, my fan theory that David Payton’s Herb is Herbert Wyndham has been knocked down. LOL. Based on how crazy the Multiverse is I will rest my case on that point here, keeping the option to bring this part of the theory back at a later time. Remember that the Hex field DOES transform every real person in the show into a ‘time period parallel version of themselves’. This magical effect has always reminded me of the the time Kulan Gath put a spell on the island of Manhattan in X-Men Vol. 1 #190.
    • If the creators of WandaVision so chose, they could very well say John Collins (Herb) was originally Herbert in the 1960’s but something happened. Retcons happen all the time. I believe Dave would play an amazing High Evolutionary, but must digress that Marvel stuck it to me there. All of the Easter eggs I found and explained still hold value. Marvel did an amazing job alluding to its history and culture in the first three episodes. We have to wait and see how it all plays out; even beyond this season of WandaVision.
  • It appears the commercials in “The WandaVision Show” episodes are part of Wanda’s Chaos reality as well. The dense metaphorical mysteries continue. Every time Wanda changes reality, time changes and vice versa. It appears each episode in the reality show represents one day in the 616 reality. When Wanda changes either time or reality, her control over color and the spell over the people in Westview weakens. Color is used as a marker of Wanda changing something.
  • Once something passes through the Westview energy field, it seems to take on the purest representation of who and/or what the person or object is (in essence) with respect to the time period of the current episode. A SWORD drone turns into a toy helicopter. A SWORD agent wearing a radiation suit turns into a beekeeper with bees flying around (I’m still thinking that the SWORD agent identified as “Agent Franklin” is a double agent for A.I.M.).
WandaVision BeeKeeper
  • Note: Once an object is transformed by the Westview force field it stays the same after returning outside to the 616 reality (i.e. – Agent Franklin’s safety cable turned turned a jump rope and Monica’s clothes stayed the same as when she was in Westview).
WandaVision jump rope
  • The first reference to the 616 reality in the show (within the show) occurs when Monica mentions Ultron by name to Wanda. “Lieutenant Trouble” is promptly booted out of Westview back into the 616.
WandaVision Dead Vision Grey
  • Lastly, Darcy recognizes that someone is censoring “The WandaVision Show”. From Wanda brutally pushing Monica out of Westview to us seeing that Vision’s body is, in fact, still in the same shape we saw it last in Infinity War, we get our answer from a gassed out Monica at the end of Episode 4: “It’s Wanda. It’s all Wanda”. The plot for WandaVision has been made crystal clear: Save Wanda Or Reality Dies.
WandaVision Monica Rambeau

When reality strikes, it takes no prisoners. We have gotten to witness the unraveling of the most powerful Avenger through the eyes of Darcy, Jimmy & Monica. How much more do you understand now? Are the clues and foreshadowing beginning to make sense? Is Nick Fury still on The Peak in Earth’s orbit? Where is Maria Hill and Abigail Brand? Will we see Captain Marvel in this series? And when is Doctor Strange going to enter the equation like Kevin Feige alluded to? So many questions answered, but so many more made.

wandavision poster 4 Kevin Feige

I still believe many of the Easter eggs will pay off in the future; near and far. Our imaginations have been opened in order to accept the new reality Marvel is presenting, post Infinity Saga. Like I wrote in the beginning: the key to understanding and enjoying WandaVision is perspective. Manchild out.

What did you think of the new episode? What was the biggest surprise? What are your theories? Let us know in the comment section below or over on our social media!



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