All Roads Lead To Mephisto With Evan Peter’s Casting In WandaVision

Join us for our new theory as we connect all the dots between the Evan Peters' casting and the devilish supervillain Mephisto in WandaVision.
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It’s the ‘multiverse of madness‘ on social media when its comes to the inside track on anything Marvel Studios right now. We have since been goaded with another questionable image tied to the hit streaming series; a ‘Minimates Mephisto’ toy packaging for possible upcoming WandaVision merchandising. There are articles debunking the validity of the packaging, but rabbit is out of the box on this one for me!

Adding the images to my initial thoughts from SDCC ’19, the casting scoop, my initial reactions to Episodes 1, 2, 3 , 4 gives me no choice but to think: Evan Peters is playing Mephisto!

The Road To Mephisto Is Paved With Cosmic Intentions

Mephisto is the common denominator between characters ranging from Thanos to Silver Surfer to Ghost Rider to Kang and more. Bringing him into the fold opens the possibilities for storytelling more than almost any other villain that comes to mind, because he is cosmic in nature, but terrestrial as well.


Knowing how my mind goes Sherlock when I get little pieces and nuggets to the story, Peters possibly playing Mephisto isn’t the only thing that jumps out at me. I think Marvel may combine aspects of Nightmare and/or Chthon into the villain played by Peters. I believe that WandaVision‘s first season may end with Wanda being possessed by Mephisto and/or Wanda’s family being destroyed, which will cause her cataclysmic mental breakdown. This is yet another theory derived from the comics.

To be clear I have no concrete proof of any part of this theory yet, but all roads lead to Mephisto! We know the story must carry through Loki to Spider-Man 3, and then to Doctor Strange 2 where I theorize (until emphatically proven wrong at this point) Mephisto is ready to set up shop in Las Vegas, Damnation style.


In a ScreenRant interview, Executive Producer & Writer, Jac Shaeffer was asked if Wanda would “go pass the point of redemption.” Without giving a straight answer, Shaeffer made a point to say that ,The goal of WandaVision was to understand her (Wanda) more fully, and to empathize with her…and have more compassion for her”. It seems that the goal is to get the audience to empathize with Wanda more, so when she loses all the pieces of her fantasy that she created, the impact is felt to a greater degree.

In another interview with the site, Kevin Feige revealed that the COVID pandemic did not change anything significant in the WandaVision plot. I take this to mean that the intended villain(s) of the show are the same as before the shift to the release schedule was made. Whomever was meant to start in WandaVision, pontificate in Loki, cause an effect on Wanda in Spiderman 3, and in Doctor Strange 2 is still the same character.

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Humbly I say, whether Evan Peters is Mephisto or not, I am convinced he’s the bad guy in WandaVision and we better prepare ourselves for a very emotional outcome from the ending of this season of WandaVision. How convinced are you that Peters is playing Mephisto? What are the ramifications to the MCU if this theory is true? Please leave a comment below or on Twitter and let us know what’s on your mind. Manchild out.



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