Kevin Smith Shares BTS Video look at Masters of The Universe, Scare Glow, and Hints at Huge Teela Revelation!

Masters of the Universe: Revelation showrunner Kevin Smith reveals secrets about Teela, Scare Glow, and more surprises in a new behind-the-scenes video.
Netflix Masters of the Universe Kevin Smith

There are things that money can’t buy, but a Netflix subscription to watch the Masters of The Universe: Revelation is definitely one of those things.

Recently, Kevin Smith shared some new exciting details about the upcoming series. Smith cleared the air, revealing that Revelations is a direct sequel of the 80’s cartoon. He said “the first ten minutes…is a way better version of the old show. It’s very simple, we establish relationships and it’s very warm…then about halfway through the show we turn everything”.

Kevin Smith Masters of the Universe

He adds a very intriguing comment about this “spiritual sequel” of the show: “These were characters bathed in innocence, and in our story… that innocence gets lost”.

Netflix Masters of the Universe He-Man

Smith goes on to explain how much of a comic book fan he is (no surprise here), and gives a more detailed explanation as to why he chose to move forward with Masters of the Universe: Revelations: “All these toys my parents wouldn’t buy me, I can now play with in the form of this cartoon.”


Smith uses the secret identity aspect to connect his love for the Master of The Universe and his passion for comic books: ” The He-Man part of the Masters of The Universe is very Clark Kent. It’s predicated on a secret identity. Prince Adam is Clark Kent, He-Man is Superman.”

Kevin further expands on the main premise of the show:

Revelation in title refers to Teela’s journey. She finds out something about her that was hinted at in the old Legacy show”. When it comes to Prince Adam’s secret identity, Smith saw this as an opportunity to develop Teela’s story: “She was kept in the dark (referring to He-Man’s identity) like Lois Lane…Well, what happens if she finds out?… and what if she learned that, not through him confessing… but by way of the adventure.”

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Closer Look With Kevin Smith

It seems like the show is going to be filled with drama and action! Here is the video in which Kevin Smith talks about the show for six and a half minutes.

When asked about Scare Glow, here is what Smith had to say:

The first batch of Masters of The Universe: Revelations will premiere on Netflix July 23rd! What are your expectations? How do you think Teela will find out about Prince Adam? Do you think their relationship will be damaged forever, or will she understand the circumstances? With the revival of the series, perhaps this will be a good time to hit the gym again so I can cosplay as He-Man. This beer gut is definitely not up to He-Man standards. Don’t forget to follow our social media pages for some exclusive content!