ICYMI: A New Halloween Kills Trailer Dropped & We Break It Down

At long last, we have a new Halloween Kills trailer in anticipation of its release in a few weeks, and we are breaking it down.
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At long last, we have a new Halloween Kills trailer in anticipation of its release in a few weeks – and it was an incredible trailer to say the least.

Before we go back to Haddonfield in a few weeks, let’s break down the latest trailer and analyze it.

How Does Halloween Kills Start Off?

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The trailer starts and in a quick blink and you miss it shot, we see 3 kids wearing the Silver Shamrock masks from Halloween III: Season of the Witch. These could be the same kids who were wearing them in 2018’s Halloween (which will henceforth be referred to as H18) but that’s a stretch.


We then see Lindsay Wallace, once again played by Kylie Richards over 40 years since 1978’s Halloween (which will henceforth be referred to as H78) telling some kids to go home but they say they’re “playing hide and seek” with the man in the white mask. Wallace immediately panics and we see a Mr. Michael Myers with a bloody Silver Shamrock mask, specifically the skull one (he seems to be holding that for the majority of the trailer. He could possibly be covering up his hand where he lost a few fingers via shotgun) make his grand appearance.

Wallace then tells the kids to run as we see a family attacked in their car by Myers in a similar way that he attacked Marion Chambers in H78. He attacks from the top of a car and proceeds to break the car windows and kill the people inside of it.

Cut to studio cards before a scene of the Strode household burning and we see that the Strode women tell their story of how they “killed” Michael Myers while it cuts to scenes of Myers killing the firemen and escaping. The women are then informed that Myers lived and we see the horror on their faces.

We then cut to a really cool shot that showcases all the survivors of Myers’ original rampage in H78. These people include Laurie Strode, along with the 2 children she baby sat in H78, Lindsay Wallace and Tommy Doyle. Also included is Lonnie Elam, Doyle’s childhood bully. We see them in a Now VS then format that is something very interesting and a cool design choice that was well done.

We then see a mob outside Haddonfield Memorial chanting “EVIL DIES TONIGHT” but sadly, as we’ve seen in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, mobs aren’t a problem for the Shape. We then see 3 victims all rocking the Silver Shamrock masks once again. We then see that his killings lead all the way to Michael’s childhood home. We then see him brutally attack the couple living there and we see some crazy stuff including what looks like someone falling to their deaths.

Alright, before we continue, we could be heading into Halloween Kills spoiler territory so this is your last warning before we dive deeper. you’ve been warned.

So, we then cut to Michael ready to kill Alison’s ex boyfriend Cameron as she falls down the stairs, snapping her legs and while we don’t see him finish Cameron off, we can infer it. We then see her leg snap and we cut to Karen strode where we see Karen Strode running with Micheal’s mask as a maskless Myers follows her.

We then get something incredible. We get flashbacks to scenes from the first film including a 6 year old boy with the blackest eyes and a flashback to Myers’ arrest after the events of H78 which include a look at Doctor Sam Loomis, who was previously played by the late, great Donald Pleasance. We also see a Strode Realty sign as Laurie’s father was selling that home. We then see Myers attacking Lindsay Wallace before Laurie talks about something that fans of the franchise have clamoured for since the first film, seeing Myer’s face.

After this. The trailer is done and what a trailer it was. This has me super excited for this film and next year’s Halloween Ends.

Halloween Kills drops on Peacock and theatres October 15th. What did you think of the trailer? Let us know!



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