ICYMI: We Finally Got a Scream Trailer – Let’s Break It Down

The Illuminerdi breaks down the new trailer for 'Scream' (2022) frame-by-frame.
Scream 5

Who’s ready to return to Woodsboro, California? On the way there, We can talk about scary movies and what your favorite one is.

That’s right folks, Scream is back and we have a fun new trailer to break down. This will be the first film in the franchise to not be directed by co-creator Wes Craven who sadly passed away 6 years ago. But, if this trailer, along with test screening reactions are anything to go off of, this will be the best film in the franchise since the original. Speaking of the trailer, let’s get right into it!

The Illuminerdi Breaks Down The New Scream Trailer

The trailer opens with Jenny Ortega’s character, Tara, get a phone call from her landline with an unknown name. Longtime fans will know that this is the M.O of Ghostface and in a tradition breaking choice, she declines the call rather than picking it up. The phone rings again and in a creepy move, Tara’s friend Amber tells her to pick up the phone. By now, fans will also know that this isn’t Amber texting but the second Ghostface killer.

The phone rings again and when Tara picks it up this time, we hear Roger L Jackson back as Ghostface once again. Tara runs to lock the door only to see Ghostface waiting. Ghostface then remotely unlocks the doors and in an homage to Halloween, we see Ghostface come out of the shadows much like how Michael Myers did in the 1978 classic. After a beautiful slow motion entrance for Ghostface, the sequence ends with Tara being dragged off.

We then check in on our favorite 4 time final girl, Sidney Prescott, who is also wearing a wedding ring and if the reports from test screenings are true, she’s now married with 2 children. She gets a phone call from our favorite cop, Dewey Riely who informs her of the Ghostface killings. Dewey asks if she has a gun and Sidney responds by saying “I’m Sidney Prescott, of course I have a gun”.

We then see Ghostface murder his next victim by turning on someones car and disappearing.

At this point, we meet the new characters including new final girl Sam Carpenter, played by Melissa Barrera. We then begin to meet all the other characters in the film and we see the ensemble cast of Mason Gooding, Dylan Minette, Jack Quaid and more. We then see a shadow of Ghostface along with someone opening a briefcase to find a gun and finally, we see Courtney Cox as Gale Weathers with Sidney Prescott, presumably ready to fight Ghostface once again.

We then see Mason Gooding’s character get stabbed by Ghostface, followed by a Dutch angle shot of Sam in what appears to be Stu Matcher’s house from the original Scream. We then see Ghostface ready to go and kill a paraplegic in what appears to be a hospital.

We then cut to Dewey describing how there are specific rules to surviving the Ghostface killings and it appears that this could possibly be the same speech Randy gave in the original Scream which would be a great callback. We quickly see 2 knife shots that are akin to the shot we saw in the original Scream before Casey Becker died. Then we learn that all the people dying are related to previous Ghostface killers from the first four Scream films. In another shot Dewey is ready to confront Ghostface once again by emptying his gun and reloading for some more action.


Officer Judy Hicks once again reprises her role from Scream 4. It then cuts to Sam seemingly running away from Ghostface in the hospital and there’s a cut to someone from earlier in the trailer die after Ghostface messed around with their car.

Next, Sidney stands in front of Stu’s house and we quickly cut to a Scream tradition, seeing Dewey get stabbed by Ghostface and like the last four times, there’s a good chance he’s not going to die this time. It cuts to Ghostface pulling out his own hunting knife and we see what appears to be Jack Quaid’s character get attacked by the masked killer. The next show shows Gale screaming and being held back by a cop and I have a gut feeling that Dewey or Sidney actually got hurt and one of them possibly dies here. Now, here’s where it gets interesting, in a split second scene, we see Sam attacking a male with dark hair. We could infer that this could be Jack Quaid’s character based on the hair style. We even see some crazy things like Ghostface snapping Tara’s leg or someone set on fire and it all leads up to the big finale.

Finally we cut to Sidney walking into a house where we hear Ghostface say the line “Hello Sidney. It’s an honor” and we cut to the film’s title card.

For a first trailer, you can’t get much better than that. It’s an incredible trailer with tons of misleads and homages to horror films. It truly feels like the franchise is going back to basics in the best possible way. 

scream 5 title

Scream comes out in January 2022. What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comment section below or over on our social media!



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