How Power Rangers Could Improve The Next Sentai Adaptations

We discuss some ways that Power Rangers could improve potential Super Sentai adaptations going forward.

A Zyuohger adaptation could add more

There was a lot of variety included in Zyuohger and yet there is so much more that could be made for it. The Sentai didn’t include a great number of weapons and only the red and 6th Rangers got personal weapons. Considering the other Rangers and the extra Zords included, more designs could be made to add a greater range. Naturally other Zords may be created as well, especially since this adaptation could be the 30th-anniversary series.


The four of the core Rangers in the show also didn’t get animal variations like Red and the 6th Ranger. Four new Cube-based Zords were added with the same colors these Ranger had but never were connected to them. An artist that hasn’t been revealed did create a glimpse of what could have been, which included a Platypus, Cheetah, Owl, and Zebra variations of the 4 Rangers. This would have been like how Zyuoh Eagle could change his helmet to become Zyuoh Gorilla.

Credit to the genius that created this Artwork

Some of the Zords could use an articulation upgrade, especially in terms of the toys. However, the one combination that desperately needs work on is the Ultrazord-type formation called ‘Wild Tousai Dodeka King’. This was a result of the 10 Zords combining along with 4 of the artillery Zords, but the main issue is with the cube legs. Because of the Zords just being cubes, the legs of the formation have no clear proportions or joints, which is something Hasbro could change for the better.

Lupinranger VS Patranger could be perfection

The season was amazing, to begin with, but slowly developed favoritism in its own show. The first versus season featured two teams in constant conflict as they both have their own reasons for defeating the antagonist that connects them. The concept was clear, Aerial vehicles for the thieves and land vehicles for the Police, but near the end, the later additions were just given to the Lupinrangers.

This was seen as certain Zords and Power-ups were obtained and owned by this team instead of the Patranger team, despite clearly displaying their specific logo on the Zord. This included the Tank-based Zord, which was clearly supposed to be the supermodel for the Patrangers. It might have been the plan all along or fans might have influenced the decision. Either way, Power Rangers could give both teams an equal share of the spotlight and still add their own originality.

The concept for this series has one thing in common with Power Rangers. This concept is the original ‘Hexagon’ story that Saban originally planned before Disney’s Ninja Storm. The Tommy team VS Jason team was an early concept that many Power Rangers fans know about. This Sentai will truly allow this concept from the past to be used better than the season it was planned for.

The Seasons That Probably Won’t Make it to Power Rangers

Kirameiger and Zenkaiger are both seasons that may not be adapted as many fans will know. This is because of the contract that has been discussed a lot within the fandom that Hasbro has. Both seasons have so much potential for new additions and improvements too. However, whether Hasbro creates something original or even does adapt these shows, they would be able to use these themes and go beyond expectations, because of the other brands they have worked with before.


Power Rangers Beast Morphers and Power Rangers Dino Fury are proof that Hasbro can add more to adaptations for the better. Whether it be a much-needed gimmick or even brand new Zords and weapons, the shows that will be coming next are going to be infused with a lot of exciting content for fans. With the 30th-anniversary approaching, Power Rangers will have a ton of content waiting to debut.

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What do you think of these potential improvements? Are there any additions you could think of for adaptations? Will you be excited to see what they make for the 30th-anniversary series? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content.



Bryn Darby

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