The Sequel Seasons Of Power Rangers

We discuss some of the sequel seasons in Power Rangers history.

Power Rangers has had a few “sequel seasons” over the years and they have been much more prevalent in recent years. These seasons are often used to make callbacks and use nostalgia to bring back some of the older fans to the franchise.

This list will not include any of the show’s first six seasons as all of these had an interconnected story so each season was just a continuation of the season before it like most other TV series. So with this list, we will be looking at the seasons from Lost Galaxy to Dino Fury.

Second seasons such as the Super seasons seen in the Neo Saban Era or the second seasons in the Hasbro era will not be counted as these are just continuations of effectively the same season/storyline.

We also won’t be including seasons that only included one or two crossover episodes to previous seasons. The entire season(s) must have callbacks to its predecessor.

Now that our overly complicated explanation is over let’s get into the list:

1. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (Sequel to in Space)

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Team

While Lost Galaxy is the successor to in Space, this was when the series started to go in a new direction by introducing a new cast every time they changed the footage from Super Sentai every year. Thanks to this Lost Galaxy isn’t just considered the second season of in Space.

That being said Lost Galaxy does borrow a lot of elements and characters from in Space without it being a direct continuation. Thanks to the advancements in space technology seen in in Space, a space colony called the Terra Venture was launched into space in search of the new world. The Terra Venture inhabited many civilians from Angel Grove who was the main subjects of alien/monster attacks over the past six years.


The Space Ranger’s ship, the Astro Megaship, returns as the Galaxy Ranger’s main space vessel in this season and is secretly stored on the Terra Venture. The Psycho Rangers from in Space return alongside the Space Rangers in a special crossover episode between in Space and Lost Galaxy. The Psycho Pink Ranger even kills the first Galaxy Pink Ranger, Kendrix, during the crossover.

The main villain of Power Rangers in Space, Astronema, is turned good by the end of the season and takes on her birth name, Karone, once again. When Kendrix is killed Karone joins the Galaxy Rangers as the second Pink Ranger to redeem herself from her evil past.

Lost Galaxy was the first to serve as an indirect sequel to a Power Rangers season and it did a fairly good job on expanding upon in Space without being simply ‘in space Part 2′.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder (Sequel to Mighty Morphin Seasons 1-3)

Power Rangers Dino Thunder is the second sequel season in the franchise’s history and serves as a sequel to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This is mostly due to the return of Tommy Oliver, the original Green and White Rangers. Tommy also appeared in Zeo and Turbo, however, most of the callbacks in Dino Thunder are to his appearance in MMPR.

This season sees Tommy become a science teacher at Reefside High School and the mentor of a new group of Power Rangers. Tommy and his friend from college, Anton Mercer, were experimenting with Dino DNA before an accident blew up their lab. Both survived, however, Anton was turned into the season’s villain Mesogog when his DNA combined with the Dino DNA.

Tommy eventually joins his team in the fight against Mesogog as the Black Dino Ranger. Dino Thunder even had a full episode dedicated to Tommy’s past as a Ranger as well as the history of the other Rangers teams up to that point.


This season was originally supposed to see the return of the second Pink Ranger, Kat Hillard, who eventually becomes Tommy’s wife, however, this was ultimately cut out of the season. Tommy and Kat were finally seen with each other once again in a crossover episode for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

The Mighty Morphin and Dino Rangers also returned in Power Rangers Beast Morphers in a special crossover episode between all of the Dino-themed seasons.

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