Don Zenkai Oh 1st Look Poster Plus New Donbrothers Robo Rumors

New poster reveals the Don Zenkai Oh that will feature in Zenkaiger before the 46th Sentai season airs.
don zenkai oh 1st look

New poster reveals the Don Zenkai Oh that will feature in Zenkaiger before the 46th Sentai season airs.

New rumors regarding the new set of Sentai Zords have also been reported by Dukemon on Ranger Board.


Episode 42 of Zenkaiger has been revealed to debut Don Momotaro, the Red ranger from the new Sentai, which is likely to include the multi-series mecha. Along with Don Momotaro, the EnyaRideon will also debut, which combines with Zenkai Juran to form the new Robo.

New Look At Don Zenkai Oh

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers has already been announced to be a form of sequel to Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. Along with a Momotaro folklore theme, the team will include representation of past sentai teams and will also feature CGI Rangers, characters, and for the Zords and Robos. The Avataro Sentai will be formed of 5 Rangers that are based on characters of the folklore, with the Red Ranger being based on the Peach-born hero in the story.

Although the poster image found on social media is low quality, it does give fans the first look at the new robo. Th Here is the poster that was shared via Twitter.

don zenkai oh poster

Don Zenkai Oh is such a unique mecha as this Robo combines two Sentai teams together, which is so rare to see and has never happened in such a early stage. It’s awesome to see the Avataro gear and a new robo head included in the design. One feature that stands out is the shield that’s made from the bike’s windshield, which is a weapon that hasn’t been included in Zenkaiger yet.

Along with the first look of the Don Zenkai Oh, rumours have been posted by Dukemon regarding the various Robo to be feature in Donbrothers.

We already knew that the Robo and mecha of this Sentai was going to be legendary, with past Sentai team representation. The fact that we are getting two types of combinations is exactly what fans originally hoped for in Zenkaiger.

Having past Ranger themed gears create legendary zord, yet having zords representing the current team, is exactly what fans wanted to see. Gokaiger had a similar gimmick to this, whereas Zenkaiger had the Rangers look like past Sentai Robo.

It will be amazing to see these concepts once their release is confirmed with toy images. For now, fans have more to look forward to seeing as they wait for the catalogue images for the first quarter set of toys.

What do you think of the Don Zenkai Oh? Are you excited to see the other zords and robo for Donbrothers? Is there anything you’d like to see in the 46th Sentai? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai.


Source: Rangerboard


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