Pokemon Journeys Announces Four-Part Special Of The Legendary Arceus

The God of all Pokemon, Arceus, will make his epic debut in the anime show, Pokemon Journeys.
pokemon legends arceus

The God of all Pokemon will make his epic debut in the anime show.

Arceus is the God of all our favorite videogame creatures and the universe’s creator. The Legendary Pokemon first appeared in the Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games in 2006. Back then, fans needed to download a special mystery gift to obtain Arceus on their games. The mythical and God-like being then appeared in many other spin-offs and mainline games, including Black and White (Global Link Event), Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Conquest, and many more.


The God Pokemon made its first anime appearances in the movie series Arceus and The Jewel Of Like and had a special guest appearance in another movie called Hoopa And The Clash Of Ages. Arceus will finally make its first appearance in the anime show Pokemon Journeys.

Journey To The Legendary Pokemon Arceus

pokemon arceus

Journeys is the anime’s 23rd season and follows longtime protagonist – and much more recent Champion – Ash Ketchum as he and his partner Pikachu travel across many past regions with Goh’s new partner. Fans can expect Ash and Goh to see Arceus face to face during their new adventure.

Additionally, the four-part series will introduce a new technology that the two trainers will use and be featured in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. A four-part episode special starring Arceus has already begun. The first two episodes have already been released and are titled “Arceus the One Called a God.” It also marks the return of the beloved anime characters Dawn and Brock. Then the last two special episodes will be released next week, January 28th, 2022. The final two episodes will release in tandem with Legends: Arceus. 

Arceus will forever be one of the franchise’s most unique and mysterious characters. Arceus being called a God Pokemon is a significant title in itself. Even though the Legendary being appeared in many games, it wasn’t the main character or focal point. For that reason alone, Legends: Arceus looks to be a promising game that fans can enjoy and remember forever. It will be the first time a Pokemon game will have a complete open-world feature and have role-playing action elements. Hopefully, with its debut in the Pokemon anime series and the upcoming game, the world will finally know the magnificence of Arceus.

Pokemon Netflix Live-Action Film

Pokemon: Legends Arceus will premiere on January 28th, 2022, worldwide.


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