Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Episode 1 Review – Loved Ones Battle It Out In An Action Packed Premiere

Australian Survivor is back and this time it's Blood V Water. Check out our thoughts on the epic premiere!

We then move into the Immunity Challenge where it is revealed that on the way to the challenge Alex, a Warehouse Operator, hurt his back and will not be able to compete in the challenge. Kate, a stay-at-home mom and (returning player) Andy’s sister decides to sit out of the challenge to make it fair for the Blue tribe.

In this challenge, the two tribes must use a battering ram to bust through two doors, use the ram as a stepping ladder, and then use mallets to break five vases. The Red tribe gets the early lead on the Blue tribe with Blue getting stuck at the second door throughout most of the challenge. The Red tribe rips through the rest of the course with little to no issues while Blue is finally able to bust through their door. However, it is too late as Red is able to secure immunity sending Blue to tribal council.

Cut to the Blue tribe’s camp where returning player, Andy is campaigning to take out Alex because he sees him as a weak link since he got hurt before the challenge. Shayelle and Briana hatch a plan to take out Chrissy, using the idol to save Alex. Meanwhile, Nina conspires with returning player, Mark, to take out Andy because of his trustworthiness and his reputation from his last season.


At tribal council, Alex’s injury is brought up; however, Briana and Shayelle bring up Chrissy’s poor performance in the challenge. Ultimately Nina and Mark are able to get numbers and perform an epic first episode blindside on Andy.

Episode 1 Highlight Players

In this section of the review, we will take a chance to take a look at some of the highlight players in today’s episode of Australian Survivor. Those players are Shayelle, Briana, Chrissy, and Nina.

Starting off with Shayelle and Briana, I think these two are going to be a force to be reckoned with this season. Although they weren’t able to secure the idol I thought their initial plan to use it to take out Chrissy was a fairly decent idea. They just weren’t able to execute it because of Nina and Mark’s plan to take out Andy and the fact that Chrissy ended up finding the idol.

Next is Chrissy, she definitely isn’t a great Survivor player by any stretch of the imagination. However, I think she is going to be a great character as the season progresses. It has been made clear through the edit that she is going to be the underdog as she didn’t even know what a Tribal Council was. I was shocked when she found the idol over Sheyelle. Although, she ended up wasting it so it didn’t matter in the long run. It will be interesting to see how her story plays out through the rest of the season.

Finally, we have the heir to the Survivor throne, Nina. She was great in this episode! Nina definitely took some pointers from her mom going into the game as she without a doubt had the best performance in today’s episode. Getting rid of Andy was definitely a good call considering how unpredictable he was proven to be in his previous season. I also like the idea of bringing Mark into the mix. It gives her this meatshield of somebody who is clearly strategic as well and is a returning player which will more than likely put the heat on him before it would her. I am really excited to see how this alliance will develop throughout the rest of the season.

Final Thoughts on Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Episode 1

australian survivor blood v water

Overall I really enjoyed this premiere episode. It was sad to see a returnee go so soon; however, I definitely think it was the right call for the Blue tribe. Hopefully, Alex gets better in the next episode or else he really could be doomed this time. It’s always great to see Sandra play again and seeing Nina play has been a pleasant surprise so far. The new players also seem to be fairly interesting and willing to give the returnees a run for their money.

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