Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Episode 2 Review – Alliances Broken… Already

Australian Survivor continues on! Check out our review for the second episode!

Another day means another episode of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water! Warning, this article will contain spoilers for Australian Survivor: Blood V Water episode 2, so if you have not yet seen the episode, you have been warned.

The episode starts on the Blue tribe’s camp where they are worried about how their loved ones are doing on the Red tribe with potentially no fire. To relieve some of the stress, Shay brings the tribe together to have a Survivor yoga class.

Meanwhile, at the Red tribe, they do indeed not have a fire and they are (rightfully so) complaining about the extreme heat and lack of water. They are eventually able to get water which will put them in a much better place physically and mentally in the game.

Some tribe members such as Sophie, a company director, and Croc, an Ex-NRL Player, seek advice from Sandra but also acknowledge that her experience makes her a major threat in the game. The tribe is also concerned about which one of their loved ones were sent home from the Blue tribe.

Back on the Blue tribe, Nina has noticed that two-time MasterChef contestant, Khanh, has made a lot of bonds with the tribe and could be a very dangerous social player. Chrissy is fairly upset over Briana’s comments about her at the last Tribal. Briana tries to ease the tension but is unsuccessful. Oh, and their shelter almost collapsed on top of them.

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Moving on to the reward challenge where the Red tribe gets their first look at the new Blue tribe. Kate is clearly very upset that her brother, Andy, was voted off at the last Tribal Council. She says that the Blue tribe better hope that they didn’t make a mistake as Andy is really good at puzzles.

As for the challenge itself, the two tribes must send two members into a cage, partially underwater. They must have an attacker climb a net to get out of the cage and reach a flag to win the point. The other member is a defender who is supposed to stop the opponent from getting out of the cage and reaching their flag. The winning tribe will receive a fishing kit and comfort items.


The Blue tribe absolutely dominated the challenge, winning 4-0, with Khanh performing especially well in the challenge. Jonathan then gives the Blue tribe an option. They can choose to take both rewards or they can gift one of the rewards to their loved ones. They choose to gift the comfort items to the Red tribe and both tribes return to camp.

At the Blue tribe, they are all happy about winning the reward and decided to check out their new fishing kit. Briana has ahold of the tackle box and refuses to let anyone else look at it in hopes that she can find an idol in there. Briana, feeling in trouble after calling out Chrissy at last Tribal, is disappointed to see that there is no idol in the box. Her tribemates take notice of her aggressive gameplay.

Meanwhile, at the Red tribe, they are disappointed that they lost the challenge. However, they are grateful to the Blue tribe for gifting them the comfort items. Kate is feeling very paranoid now that Andy has been voted off. She feels that now that she doesn’t have a loved one she could be an easy target. Sam recognizes that Andy was a huge threat and therefore Kate could be as well. She tells the tribe that they should keep an eye on Kate in case she goes to look for a hidden immunity idol. She also reminisces about her last time playing Survivor and hopes to not repeat the same mistakes.

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