Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Episode 4 Review – Blindside Gone Wrong

The worst-case scenario happened on today's episode of Australian Survivor. Check out our review for the fourth episode!

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water is back! Warning, this article will contain spoilers for Australian Survivor: Blood V Water episode 4, so if you have not yet seen the episode, you have been warned.

The episode starts off on the Red tribe where they are discussing last night’s chaotic Tribal Council. David tries to make peace with his Tribe, however, they still seem to be apprehensive about his actions. One of those people was Sam, who was the person David directly targeted the night before despite her trying to protect him.

On the Blue tribe, things seem to be fairly peaceful. Khanh is putting his MasterChef skills to good use by making his tribe some rice crisps. Mark is still keeping a watchful eye on Khahn as he knows that he is a huge social threat in the game. Especially now that he has an idol. Mark proposes a plan that if they go to Tribal that they should try to flush Khanh’s idol.

Moving on to the reward challenge, the two tribes must send two people to face off in a trench. The goal is to stop the other person from reaching a bell on the opposite side. The first person to reach the opposing tribe’s bell wins reward. The winning tribe will receive croissants, butter, and jam alongside tea and coffee.

The Red tribe wins the reward and is informed that they get to pick one person from the Blue tribe to bring back to camp for the reward. They pick Shay who reunites with her husband, Ben, on the tribe.

Back at the Red tribe’s camp, they enjoy their reward while Shay and Ben catch up. The other tribe members also use Shay to see how their family members are doing on the other side.


Once Shay leaves camp the tribe returns to business as usual. People are still upset with David’s actions at the previous Tribal council and Sophie decides to create a four-person alliance with Croc, Ben, and Jordan, a Personal Trainer. Sandra immediately takes notice of this and says that Sophie is being way too vocal about her plans which is a major no-no in the game of Survivor.

At the immunity challenge, the two tribes must open a heavy gate to release a boat. They will use the boat to paddle out and retrieve a set of puzzle pieces. Then they must paddle back to solve an arched puzzle spelling either Blood or Water. The Blue tribe wins immunity after the Red tribe struggles on the puzzle sending them to Tribal Council. However, this time there is a twist. The Blue tribe will also go to Tribal Council to observe and gain intel on the Red tribe.

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