Donbrothers Premium Bandai Releases Give Super Sentai Fans New Products

Premium Bandai gives Super Sentai fans a look at new Donbrothers products.
Super Sentai Donbrothers

Donbrothers has various Premium Bandai items that fans can look to add to their collections. This includes featured items of the show and inspired designs on products that will showcase any fan’s love for the 46th Sentai season. The highlights of the releases include the sunglasses featured in the show and also specially designed analog watches designed on the Rangers of the new series.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers is the latest Super Sentai season released in Japan that has excited fans after its announcement in December 2021. The show is a sequel series to Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, which also features a Sentai Gear gimmick that includes the powers of the past Ranger teams. These new Avataro Gears allow them to transform into past Rangers as they fight the Oni with their own powers based on characters of the folktale of Momotaro.

The new items released are a range of collectibles that any Sentai fan will treasure. Considering the themes of the Sentai, Donbrothers has been planned to be a massive show to match the scale set by the 35th anniversary Sentai series, Gokaiger. Here are some of the epic Premium Bandai releases that fans will be able to purchase and pre-order for this new legendary Sentai.

Donbrothers Airfly Sunglasses

One of the biggest features in Donbrothers is the glasses that allow the Ranger team to see through the human disguise of Oni. These stylish glasses are given to the team by Jin Momoi, Don Momotaro’s Father, and come in five variations that match the color of each Ranger.


Each of these glasses is also based on the visors of the Rangers, making the design unique no matter which pair fans decide to select. Here are the images of these amazing Sunglasses for each Ranger of the series.

Donbrothers Fan

This fan is another item that appears in the TV series, making it a key prop fans may wish to obtain. The fan is a procession of Don Momotaro and has the symbol of the team as the main decoration. Although not a weapon, it is seen being used by the Red Ranger for his theatrical entrances.

Donbrothers-themed Wristwatches

Three designs for wristwatches have been released for three of the Rangers in the new team. These include Don Momotaro, InuBrother, and KijiBrother having a unique design each that fans can now purchase. The colors of the watches are designed to be red, black, and pink like the Rangers respectively. Here are the images of each wristwatch that will be available to buy.

The fan and watches are a fantastic treasure for fans to obtain as this series could be seen as a hit show in no time. The Sunglasses are the clear star of the new Premium Bandai releases as they are a significant feature of the show. It’s almost like Gobusters and Power Rangers Jungle Fury were combined for this familiar concept since both highlight glasses as a key feature. If any fans are able to collect every single one of these releases, they will have one of the biggest Sentai collections of the future.


Each of these items will have different release dates and pre-orders have already started. The Donbrothers fan will be released April 2022, Airfly Sunglasses will be released July 2022, and the themed Wrist Watches released in August 2022.

What do you think of these items? Do you aim to collect all five pairs of the Donbrothers Sunglasses? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi on social media for Super Sentai news and updates in the future!


SOURCE: Tokullectibles


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