Thor: Love And Thunder’s New Promo Banner Features Jane Foster as The Mighty Thor

We finally get something from Thor: Love and Thunder! A first look at the promo banner, featuring Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor.
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We finally get something from Thor: Love and Thunder! Sadly, no trailer yet but we get a first look at the promo banner and we see Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor.

The banner shows Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Odinson leaping into action alongside Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster armored-up as the new MCUs new Mighty Thor.


One of the interesting things that you might not know about Jane Foster is in the comics, she wielded Mjolnir, but Thor didn’t wield Stormbreaker. Isn’t that crazy to think about though? Thor instead donned on Jarnbjorn, which in the Marvel comics, was his weapon before he was deemed worthy of wielding Mjolnir. We know that the infamous hammer was borrowed by Captain America from that famous scene as he wields Mjolnir. But, will something like that happen, or is there some other explanation for how Jane got it?

Jane Foster’s History With Thor

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This won’t be Jane Foster’s first time wielding Mjolnir, but it will be the first time in live action. The character was revealed to have gained the powers of Thor in volume 4 issue 8, which was released in May of 2015. The storyline pursued by that comic doesn’t seem likely to be present in the upcoming film, but we’ll have to wait for the trailer to discern whether or not that’s true.

Speaking of the trailer we haven’t seen yet, Thor: Love and Thunder has broken the record for the shortest gap in time between a Marvel Studios movie’s first teaser and the film’s theatrical release. We are aware that that this the only time we have ever seen a movie’s press tour kicked-off without as a single teaser being shared online. The trailer is expected to screen ahead of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in theaters. Fans are speculating that the trailer will have spoilers from the Doctor Strange movie so that is why it is waiting to be shown.

So far, the plot details of this movie are still under the radar, but we know the story will revolve around the Thor’s ex girlfriend (Portman) transforming into The Mighty Thor. Also, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and members of the Guardians of the Galaxy will be there along with Christian Bale taking on villain roles as Gorr the God Butcher.

Peter Dinklage who played Eitri the Dwarf could be making a come back due to him making a recent hint at it. Russell Crowe confessed that he’ll be playing Zeus last year, while Matt Damon and Sam Neill have been confirmed to return as “Fake Loki” and “Fake Odin” for a possible recap of the events of Ragnarok.

What can we expect Jane to do with those new powers of her she will have? In the banner, we can see that she will have lighting powers and she is worthy of holding Mjolnir. Also, Thor’s new blue and gold costume looks amazing as he is holding the Stormbreaker.

The banner shows the duo ready to fight someone across from them? Maybe, we will find out soon because there is just a big empty space there where a new villain or character could be. Hopefully Disney’s UK website is preparing to sell merchandise that indicates that it will be here before you know it.

What do you think of the promo banner? Are you excited to see Jane back in action and as a new superhero? Let us know down in the comments below or on our social media!


Source: Comic Book Movie


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