Hardy Boys Stars Rohan Campbell and Keana Lyn Discuss Their Characters Relationship In Second Season: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Everyone who watches The Hardy Boys knows that Frank and Callie are meant to get together, so The Illuminerdi spoke to Rohan Campbell and Keana Lyn about their romance.

Everyone who is an avid fan of The Hardy Boys franchise knows that Frank and Callie are meant to get together. Still, the beauty of the recent Hulu series is how the chemistry between both actors, Rohan Campbell and Keana Lyn, felt organic and never rushed while growing and respecting the lore of the novels, and establishing something new.  

During the first season of the reboot series, the story positions the character of Frank by befriending a girl named Callie in Bridgeport. Now Callie has a boyfriend named Chet, who is also friends with The Hardy Bros, and it seems things are awkward yet, but fine. Until Chet finds out that Callie starts falling for Frank, and Chet breaks up with her (but remains cordial). It felt everything that transpired led up to the fabled lovers getting together, and sure enough at the end of season 1 when Frank and Callie become a couple. 


The Illuminerdi had a chance to catch up with the cast of The Hardy Boys at WonderCon 2022, and asked about the future of Season 2 and how the new couple’s relationship will be explored.

Teenage Romance and Chemistry In The Hardy Boys

the hardy boys interview
The Hardy Boys | Photo courtesy of Hulu

The Illuminerdi: In the end of the first season, you guys were friends that turned to a couple. Does the new couple face any pressure in keeping that relationship? It’s because you guys started as friends and developed.

Rohan Campbell: Yeah I mean at the episode one of Season 2, it also introduces like a massive supernatural mic drop so to speak. Which kind of just destroys everything normal in their lives and Callie is brought into that very fast this season Then it’s navigating a normal relationship and the least normal of situations.

Keana Lyn: Yeah exactly, but I think what is really nice about Season 1, we got to explore them as friends and literally just like partners in crime and we like that. It was very genuine and then so now that they’re moving into this romance and to keep that. Yeah its one thing because both characters, Callie this time around, she has her own agenda. She has her own things that she needs to work on out.

Side by side, the two of them are still very much independent, but they always have each other’s back. I think that’s a type of extremely genuine and supportive relationship that you don’t necessarily see too often in teenage romance. I am very happy with what we were able to kind of like create in that realm.

Rohan Campbell: There is also something really funny about watching people trying to be cute, well the world isn’t (laughter).

Keana Lyn: It’s like blending absolutely, it’s really best (laughter).

Rohan Campbell: Like nothing is normal! “I like you” (laughter)

Keana Lyn: Things like that, you know it’s a little turbulent some times (laughter).

Rohan Campbell: “Family is falling apart, but how do you feel about me” (laughter).

Rohan Campbell and Keana Lyn Via Wondercon

It’s great to know Rohan and Keana enjoy that both Frank and Callie have immense respect for each other but recognize feelings are forming. And their romance on The Hardy Boys will only continue to grow. Still, both actors made it clear they don’t want to rush things and take away from the integrity of the series, which would tarnish what makes the story and execution exciting for the fans and audience watching. 

Now as the series progresses into Season 2 and beyond, I do wonder if any other characters will try to break the two apart or will old flames arise and how will the revelation of the teenage romance elicit a reaction from the other main characters.

Check out the interview in full below.

Are you excited for Season 2 of The Hardy Boys? Do you enjoy Frank and Callie as a couple? Who’s your favorite Hardy Boy character? Make sure to leave a comment below, and follow us on social media to keep up with everything Hardy Boys now that season 2 is officially streaming on Hulu.



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