Dreamcatcher Release 2nd Explosive Full-Length Album – Apocalypse: Save Us

Dreamcatcher has finally returned with their 2nd studio album, Apocalypse: Save Us.

Dreamcatcher has finally returned with their 2nd studio album, Apocalypse: Save Us.

Eight and a half months since their last release, Summer Holiday, Apocalypse ditches the summer breeze for a different type of heat. Focusing on the topic of our deteriorating ecosystem and natural resources, the seven members of Dreamcatcher – Jiu, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon – have come to save us from our own destruction.

Starting with “Intro: Save Us,” Dreamcatcher’s new story opens with ominous music reminiscent to classic horror movies like Dracula or Frankenstein. And with a screech shifts gears to an energetic semi-jazz rock fusion sounding jam which would fit perfectly for introducing each of the seven new characters to this story.

Locked Inside A Door” is that song that I cant help but imagine being performed as an opening act for a musical stage production, or performed in a lounge with dim lights and smoke while wearing their iconic suits and choreography with lounge chairs. It’s just a fun song that makes you want to dance in step with the beat. The sound production is so good you can hear clear and distinct differences in each of their voices. Get yourself some good headphones.

MAISON,” the title track to Apocalypse: Save Us, reintroduces the 7 heroes from “Intro: Save Us” with a similar semi-jazz rock fusion riff, but evolves into the rock nu-metal sound we have come to know. Always experimenting, Dreamcatcher went deeper into narrative this time around for Apocalypse, and MAISON is a perfect example of that.

A grittier song that uses an act structure to build up to one of the most cinematic endings I have heard in a k-pop song. Epic and explosive, “MAISON” does what all good rock ballads accomplish. A song you can envision. Speaking of..

Starlight” was the song I had been eager to hear all the way through. I had only listened to the teasers once and the chorus stuck in my head. I could recall it and hum it no problem. When I remembered where I heard it, I became even more intrigued. Needless to say I was not disappointed. “Starlight” is a change in pace from the bombastic “MAISON”.

Left to Right: Jiu, Gahyeon, Handong, Dami, Yoohyeon, Siyeon, SuA

Somewhat of a callback to the melodies of “Summer Breeze,” being of an upbeat soft rock, synth pop sound makes you feel you’re flying among the stars. It’s catchy chorus definitely sticks in your head. And when you finally hear the synth melody playing in the background, it’ll blow your mind. And just like ”MAISON,” the third act softly brings you back to the ground with the help of the angelic vocals of Siyeon and Yoohyeon.

Together” is another one of those songs where you can’t help but want to dance to the addictive beat. Fun and energetic, the song has you singing “Shooting Star, Shooting Star” at random times. Good headphones needed for this one, so you can feel the bass in this pop song ripe for a video where everyone is dancing outside in the street, no care in the world. And a high note by Siyeon that will give you goosebumps. The sound production really pulling you into the song and surrounding you with the refreshing song like a cozy blanket.

Always” is the “I’m not crying, you’re crying” song. And it is usually the song dedicated to the Insomnia, the devoted fan base of Dreamcatcher. “Today. Always, for you, always. I will live every moment. Yes, for you, always. I want to give, always.” Hits right on the nose how much Dreamcatcher loves their Insomnia. Some fans having been there from the beginning and gone through all the heartache and all the glorious and historic moments.

There is a strong bond between the two that is unbreakable. The always humble Dreamcatcher expressing their appreciation of their fans. Always has a slow and soft flow and some of the more angelic vocals on the album. You hear the emotion in each ones voice as they deliver their message to their fans.

Skit: The seven doors” brings us to what seems like the mystical portals we saw in the “MAISON” music video. An instrumental, he music very mystical and then exploding with sound. As if taking us on an ethereal journey through those 7 different portals where each of our seven heroines will be waiting, with each of the solo tracks representing the personality and charm of each of the girls.

Left to Right: Dami, Gahyeon, Siyeon, SuA, Jiu, Handong, Yoohyeon


Apocalypse: Save Us is a coming of age album, being Dreamcatchers 5 year anniversary, and really showcases the talent each member has. As a group and as solo artist. Jiu has mentioned before that she would love to continue making music with her members for as long as they can, and this new direction in narrative music making opens the door to many possibilities.

Although the title being about doom, the overall message is still about love. For oneself and for others. Dreamcatcher continues to push the envelope when it comes to do something that people don’t dare to do. And that comes from the passion and commitment from the top down. It’ll all pay off, and we will talk about that historic first win and the road to destiny at a later time.

The culmination though of everyone’s commitment to creating the best possible music for people to enjoy stands out in every album they put out, and Apocalypse ups the ante. It is a bigger album, full of energy and raw talent, and it moves Dreamcatcher in a very promising direction.

Paving the way and upping the bar in K-pop and ultimately music, while still being true to their own sound. Not just rock or pop. But willing to experiment and try new things. With all seven girls being as talented and having as such strong vocals as they do there is no range they can not hit.

My overview for the seven solo tracks will be coming soon. I chose to jump into the first half of the album as it seems to be split off into two parts, the main story and the “post credits” portion which touches on the individual members. Let us know what you think of Apocalypse: Save Us in the comments below or on our Twitter or Instagram. Let us know what your favorite songs off the new album are.

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