Cobra Kai Season 5 Adds Alicia Hannah-Kim & Upgrades Dallas Dupree Young To Series Regular

The dojo just got bigger, as Cobra Kai Season 5 has added a new sensei to the mix and enhanced the role of a new student.
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The dojo just got bigger as Cobra Kai Season 5 has added a new sensei to the mix and enhanced the role of a new student.

Cobra Kai is one of Netflix’s flagship series. Beloved by fans of the original Karate Kid films, but also loved by new audiences. The series always gets big online attention whenever a new season drops and makes itself comfortable at Place 1 in the Netflix rankings for at least a few weeks. While the previous seasons have been released around new year, the highly anticipated Season 5 is set to come out a bit sooner and also already has a teaser trailer. Now we know a bit more about which characters we can expect to see more of.


Deadline has exclusively revealed that Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) is getting company as Alicia Hannah-Kim is set to join the cast as the South Korean sensei Kim Da-Eun. Hannah-Kim is known for Grey’s Anatomy or more recently for the HBO Max series Minx. We at The Illuminerdi reported back in October 2021 that a teacher named Da-Eun would join the show, and it’s about time she came onboard.

Here’s What You Missed On Cobra Kai

Dallas Dupree Young in Cobra Kai

As we’ve seen in Season 4 of the hit show, Silver has tricked Kreese (Martin Kove) into getting arrested and has now the control over Cobra Kai. Daniel LaRusso’s (Ralph Machio) old enemy has also made it clear that he plans to expand Cobra Kai over the entire valley. Now the season 5 trailer has shown that he opened a ton of new Cobra Kai dojos, which obviously all need senseis, so it’s pretty obvious where we’ll see Hannah-Kim and on whose’ side she will be on.

It will be interesting to see though, who she is training and if her students come into effect. Will all known Cobra Kai members like Tory Nichols (Peyton List) or Kyler Park (Joe Seo) stay with Silver? Or will some declare?

Deadline also reported that Season 4 newcomer Dallas Dupree Young, who plays the new kid in town Kenny Payne has been Upgraded to series regular, meaning that he will appear in more episodes and will join the supporting cast, rather than a guest appearance.

Kenny was the friendly new kid in school and was soon getting bullied because he liked a videogame. Because of that he wanted to join Cobra Kai, but also wasn’t accepted because he was scared of fighting. Robby (Tanner Buchanan) took the young student under his wing and trained him a bit himself. After he was getting better, he took revenge on his bullies, one of them being Daniel’s son Anthony (Griffin Santopietro). He was later defeated by Robby at the All-Valley Karate Tournament, which sort of fulfilled his transition to Cobra Kai as the Season left him angry and ready to beat anyone who gets in his way.

Cobra Kai Season 5

With him now being a series regular, we can expect to see a lot more from him and it will certainly be interesting how the young student will evolve and if he maybe finds his way back to the “good” side.

Season 5 promises a lot of action and the resolution to the aftermath of the end of Season 4. The first trailer shows Johnny (William Zabka) and Robby set off to Mexico in order to find Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) who wants to find his father. We see a bit of action in an undercover MMA-Club, something that fans have already speculated and hoped for. There also will be a rematch between Miguel and Robby back when they are home. The trailer ends with the promised team up of Daniel and his former nemesis, turned friend Chozen (Yuji Okumoto).

Cobra Kai Season 5 arrives September 9, 2022 on Netflix. The previous 4 Seasons are all streaming.

Source: Deadline

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