The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes And Michonne Set To Return To Combat Wicked Zombies

The Walking Dead

The San Diego Comic-Con delivered lots of goodies this year. Amongst the avalanche of announcements and trailers, fans of The Walking Dead left the convention feeling satisfied, and hopeful about the future of the franchise. Without a doubt, the biggest piece of news to drop from the panels was the announcement that Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira will return to the franchise in a six-episode limited series. Read all about it here.

Donbrothers Super Gattai Robo Revealed for Team


Images have revealed the Donbrothers Super Gattai Robo that combines the main 5 Robotaro with the two Robotaro forms belonging to Don Doragokuu. This new combination will combine the Don Onitaijin with the Toradora Gonjin in order to create this new formation. The new formation was revealed on social media but originated from a Japanese magazine that highlights the debut of the Megazord, which will be seen in future episodes. Here is a full look at the Super Gattai Robo for Donbrothers. 

Digimon Survive Pleads For No Spoilers for first 2 Months

Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive publishers have requested that fans don’t post spoilers on social media beyond Chapter 5. The franchise’s latest game is one of the most anticipated releases with some fans already obtaining their copy of the latest game before its Friday release. As social media is the likely location for fans to share their experiences […]