William Regal Gives Details On His Close Relationship With Triple H

William Regal talks about how close he and Triple H are, but not in a traditional sense.
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William Regal talks about how close he and Triple H are, but not in a traditional sense.

Regal worked with NXT basically sense it’s creation as a brand.  While working on the brand he took on a few different roles.  His on-screen role was as general manager of NXT and his off-screen role was to work with developing young NXT talent and help them find their potential.  During this time he began working closely with Triple H who was in charge of NXT at the time.


On a recent episode of his podcast, Gentleman Villain, William Regal talked about his unorthodox relationship with Triple H.

William Regal

“[He and Triple H] are very, very close, incredibly close, but we don’t talk to each other much,” William Regal said.” “He knows I work for somewhere else now … He knows I will never say, ‘Yes’ if I think the answer is no. That might tell you a lot of things about me, and there’s a lot of people that will tell you that … I am as straight up as a geezer as you can find, right?

Me and H don’t have great conversations. We don’t; the one thing we do have is music, though … We spent time learning our craft together, and me and him can just look at each other from across an arena, and I know what he wants, and I’ll take care of it. When we worked together, I was the last person [he talked to]. I probably spoke to him less than anybody else in the entire company. He didn’t need to speak to me; sometimes, I get a one-word text, and I would just take care of it. I knew whatever he meant. That’s how we worked together.” H/T To Wrestling Inc. For Transcription

William Regal Leaves WWE And Commands Very Dangerous Men In AEW

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Triple H had a cardiac event in September of last year and it caused him to take a big back from WWE and NXT. Prior to this Triple H’s control of NXT became less and less. However, without Triple H being an active person within WWE at the time WWE made some big changes to NXT one of those things was wrestlers and personnel being released. One of the most shocking releases was that of Regal who was released this past January.

Two months later Regal made a new home in AEW. He debuted in a manager role and created the very dangerous Blackpool Combat Club. The faction first started with Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson which is already one hell of a faction, but it got even more dangerous. The two new members are Wheeler Yuta and the newly crowned  ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli formerly known as Cesaro in WWE.


William Regal isn’t the type of person to stay in the background and has made his presence known very often in AEW. He often appears on commentary for matches which feature one of his members of Blackpool Combat Club.

William Regal Has No Insider Information From WWE

Triple H has recently taken on a major role within WWE following Vince McMahon’s retirement. He is now executive vice president of talent relations and head of creative.  Based on the news coming out of WWE it seems Triple H is in charge of day-to-day operations and has a lot of power.

Despite William Regal’s close relationship with Triple H, he doesn’t have any inside information as to what is happening backstage with WWE or any new changes.

“I’ve no idea what’s going on there,” Regal said. “No idea because I’m not working there. It’s none of my business what other people’s business is.”

WWE IYO SKY Dakota Kai Bayley
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Everyone is speculating who may make a return to WWE with Triple H now in charge. We have already seen Dakota Kai and IYO SKY make a return to WWE at SummerSlam after Kai was released in April and it was speculated Sky would be going back to Japan. It is possible Regal could be making a similar move to WWE after his AEW contract is over.

Do you think part of why NXT was so successful is because of Regal and Triple H’s close relationship? Do you think Triple H is looking to get Regal back in the WWE? Do you think Regal is better off in AEW or in WWE now that Triple H is in charge? Let us know what women’s wrestler you would like to see join the Blackpool Combat Club over on our Twitter.


Sources: Gentleman Villain, Wrestling Inc.


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