The Ghost and Molly McGee Creators Wanted to Make A Show About Friends Not 2 People Who Hate Each Other

The Ghost and Molly McGee

Bill Motz and Bob Moth, the legendary creators of Disney’s The Ghost and Molly McGee, wanted to make a show about friends and not 2 people who hate each other.

The Ghost and Molly McGee is one of the best animated series out right now. It may seem like it is geared toward children, but the show is incredibly poignant and well done that works for the whole family. One thing the series does incredibly well, aside from being a beacon of positivity, is it does not avoid problems and issues. The show often approaches them directly through Scratch and overcomes them with Molly’s ever-enthusiastic and uncompromising exuberance. With these opposing viewpoints, the show could easily have two enemies, but instead, they have a beautiful friendship.

The Ghost and Molly McGee are Supernatural Friends

When going with an odd couple dynamic, it is easy to lean into the opposing factors and rely on the natural contrast and opposition to make a show work. It’s often very enjoyable, and when the opposing parties meet in the middle they tend to learn from each other. The Ghost and Molly McGee do not meet in the middle, rather Molly goes to Scatch’s side and brings him dragging and screaming into the light. While it sounds conflicting, it is actually one of the purest and most uplifting aspects of the series. Bill Motz and Bob Roth go into detail about it in our interview.

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The Illuminerdi: It’s such a cool thing to have in the show is like, Scratch has literal lifetimes of cynicism, and you have this just pure spirit of joy coming in and wins him over. And I think that’s such a great aspect to have.

Bob Roth: Thank you! We want to make a show about friends, not two people who hate each other. It was important that pretty quickly we moved him out of, “Oh, Molly’s driving me crazy,” too, “I kind of like her. Dang it, I like her. I don’t want to like her, but I like her. I like her a lot.” Bill Motz: And then he’s transformed, right? I mean, he catches that joy positivity. Even if he’s a little reluctant about it all, it starts impacting not just his relationship with Molly, but all the McGees and even in the ghost world, even his relationship with Jeff, who he first describes as an annoying co worker. He eventually comes to regard as his best buddy in the ghost world. Bob Roth: More on that coming up. Bill Motz & Bob Roth, Creators and Executive Producers of The Ghost and Molly McGee

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Roth and Motz have really found an impossible balance with Scratch and Molley and The Ghost and Molly McGee as a whole.

The Ghost and Molly McGee is currently in full stride of Season 2 with new episodes premiering every Saturday at 5pm on the Disney Channel, as well as streaming on Disney+.

About The Ghost and Molly McGee

Release: Season 2 now airing on the Disney Channel and Streaming on Disney+ Created By: Bill Motz, Bob Roth Executive Producers: Steve Loter, Bill Motz, Bob Roth Producer: Bitta Reitman Editors: Tony Molina (S1), John Royer (Current) Production Company: Disney Television Animation Cast: Ashly Burch, Dana Snyder, Jordan Klepper, Sumalee Montano, Micaela Dietz, Lara Jill Miller Synopsis: The Ghost and Molly McGee is the story of a ghost and the girl who brings him back to life… figuratively. When a cantankerous ghost named Scratch places a curse on exuberant tween Molly McGee, it backfires and leaves him forever cursed to be in Molly’s presence. Now he’s forced to go everywhere Molly goes and do everything Molly does… which, in Molly’s eyes, makes him her best friend! As Molly drags reluctant Scratch along on all her misadventures, a funny thing happens: Scratch comes to like Molly, and an unlikely friendship blossoms.

Are you caught up with The Ghost and Molly McGee? Is it possible to watch this show and not smile? Are you more like Scratch or Molly? Let us know your thoughts and share your love of the series with us on social media!

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