Seven Manga Series Added by Azuki in New Partnership with Digital Entertainment

Seven new manga titles have been added to Azuki to kick-start its new partnership with Digital Entertainment. 

Seven new manga titles have been added to Azuki to kick-start its new partnership with Digital Entertainment. Azuki has dropped the news that it will now be in partnership with Digital Entertainment, this means that Azuki will be getting a new lineup of manga titles added to read on its app and on the web, worldwide! 

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Azuki and Digital Entertainment’s new partnership means Azuki will be getting more titles this year, starting with the following 7 titles that are already available to read.


The Boy Who Used to Be God 

•Author- Sen 

•Publisher- Pick Up Press (English) 

•Genre- Fantasy 

Synopsis- There is a country that is about to undergo a drastic change after a revaluation destroys its sacred regime. Those who celebrate the new freedom, those who try to face the crimes committed by the former regime, and those who denounce the crimes. People in different positions are trying their best to survive. This is the story of the boy who was forced to be God seeking a childhood as an ordinary boy. 

Mr (Former) Yakuza is in over his head with me, and I can’t escape him 

• Author- Itsuka Hazuki 

• Publisher- CLLENN 

• Genre- Romance 

Synopsis- The flirt who hits on her even during work is… a former yakuza. 

Azusa is a doctor working as an occupational physician who takes her job seriously. Itsuki Sakuma, a handsome but suspicious guy who constantly annoys his evaluations. He frivolous, aggressive, and mysterious but then, he was the only one who noticed Azusa being terrified of her ex-fiancée, who now stalks her. He said, “I’ll protect you… I don’t want you to be alone”. He suddenly started looking so serious! 

She tries to discipline herself by telling herself to not get spoiled, but as he shows his gentleman-like personality, she can’t help relying on him… and that’s when she saw the vivid traditional tattoos on him and… He’s a (former) Yakuza who never lets his prey escape from him, and now he goes all out for the love of his life. Let the show begin…  

I Want Kumagaya to Teach Me Everything 

• Author- Mitsu Kanmi 

• Publisher- CLLENN 

• Genre- Romance, Josei 

Synopsis- “Please teach me… with that wonderful body of yours!”- Hotori, an office worker, starts to go to the gym to get some exercise on the advice of her co-worker. Being completely new, and having no clue what to do, she tries to use a familiar-looking machine, only to lose control of it and nearly collapse! But instead of hitting the ground, she finds herself embraced by an attractive muscular man! 

Spellbound by his gentle demeanor and incredible body, Hotori leaves without asking his name. Thus, she sets out to find him again, but… “I want to meet you again and learn more and more about this strange feeling that makes my heart tremble!” 

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I Got Married to a Man I Can’t Stand 

• Author- Sumitomo Kato, Koipallet 

• Publisher- CLLEN 

• Genre- Romance, Josei 

Synopsis- “Ms. Aoi, I’ll do anything if it’s for you.” Even though he should be someone I hate why is my heart pounding!? Aoi has a few secrets; not only is she the daughter of a prestigious family, but she also has a fiancée. The person her parents decided on is Masaomi, the exquisitely handsome heir to a large corporation. 

“He’s always had such a creepy smile. I can never tell what he’s thinking about. I absolutely refuse to marry someone like that!” That’s what she always thought but… her parents forced her to live with Masaomi!? Though troubled by the sudden cohabitation, she gradually comes to learn of the considerate Masaomi’s kindness and earnestness… a story of misunderstanding, between a girl who is afraid of romance and a high-spec heir.”

Thank you, My Mistakes 

• Author- Haruto Chino 

• Publisher- CLLENN 

• Genre- Romance, Josei 

Synopsis- He’s a dad. Why would he do that? Daycare worker Yukari was too busy with the children for love. In fact, she didn’t have any opportunities to meet people in the first place. But just when she was thinking that she found herself having drinks with her friend Manami’s boss, Koji. The man that Manami said was “good-looking, but strange”, was a gentleman and escorted Yukari back home. 

However, having had a few too many drinks, the two of them fell onto the bed, and… wound up kissing. The following morning, Koji was gone. Yukari was in agony recalling the previous night! With those memories in tow, she did her work but the “handsome dad” there to pick up one of the children was… the same man she just shared her bed with!? 

Poisoner Home 

• Author- Iwo 

• Publisher- CLLENN 

• Genre- Drama, Sci-fi, Mystery 

Synopsis- Tateyuki Chono is devastated when his apartment and extensive collection of insect specimens burns to the ground one evening. But his luck turns around when a chance leads him to meet famed entomologist Izumo Kusanagi. Chono is floored by the kind hospitality of Kusanagi and his beautiful daughter Toko. However, the warm atmosphere of the estate belies a sinister secret. What is the true nature of Dr Kusanagi’s research? And is Chono already trapped in a deadly web of terror? 

I’m a (Fake) Saint Who Was Summoned to Another World, But Apparently, I’m Fated to Die if I Don’t Marry the Prince 

• Author- LALA 

• Publisher- CLLENN 

• Genre- Fantasy, Romance, Josei 

Synopsis- “I’ll return you to your world if you marry the prince.” That was the shocking proposal of the self-proclaimed god! I won’t really get a bad ending if I refuse, will I!? Office worker Sara was involved in a traffic accident, or so she thought. One moment, she was about to be hit by a truck, but that next… she found herself transported to an unfamiliar, grand castle, falling right on top of Prince Ars!

When a soldier recognized her as “Sara,” the saint who saved the kingdom five years earlier, everyone suddenly started treating her as some divine being!! After questioning her reality, a voice came to her and said, “Capture the heart of the prince, who longs for the saint, and marry him!” The voice then threatened her denying her return to her own world should she fail… Her only weapon in this challenge is her face which apparently looks just like that of the saints! And so began her zealous attempt to steal the prince’s heart!  

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All the titles are available to read now at Azuki

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SOURCE: Azuki 

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