GLEN POWELL’s Live-Action Captain Planet Movie Still Happening

Glen Powell assures fans that the Captain Planet movie is still happening by the powers combined.
glen powell captain planet maverick

Leonardo DiCaprio, Apian Way, Warner Bros, Glen Powell… By their powers combined comes Captain Planet!

The live-action Captain Planet movie you may have forgotten about is still happening. It’s been six years since the movie’s initial announcement with Hollywood’s latest golden boy Glen Powell attached to star in the titular role and co-write the script alongside DiCaprio. The news comes courtesy of Collider in an interview, revealing a promising update when asked about the movie’s current status.

“God, I freaking hope so! Trust me, we have been working hard on that one for a long time. I’m optimistic about his future, but you never know the timeline.”

– Glen Powell via Collider

The Power is Glen Powell’s

Glen Powell Maverick Captain Planet

Glen is a powerhouse of an actor seeing the success he deserves. He’s been in Top Gun: Maverick, Set It Up, Devotion, Anyone But You, Chad Powers, and most recently, Hit Man.

He’ll next be starring in Twisters, The Running Man, and hopefully Captain Planet of course.

The film industry is known for being erratic. History has proven that not every announced production comes to completion and in the ridiculous case of Warner Bros, not every completed production is guaranteed to be seen. Glen Powell’s optimism and dedication are reassuring. Hopefully, Warner Bros. follows through and doesn’t do anything to hinder Captain Planet’s production.

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As optimistic as Powell is he is no stranger to Warner’s track record, especially when superheroes are involved. He mentioned, “I need to see where all the superhero stuff kind of lands there”.

In a previous interview with ET Powell discussed how much DiCaprio shared his love for the environmental superhero.

The Power Is Also Leo’s

Leo Carprio and Glen Powell on Captain Planet

“I know DiCaprio is super passionate about it. I’m super passionate about it. I think it could be great… I want that one to work. I’d love to play that superhero.”

– Glenn Powell via ET

DiCaprio is an outspoken activist for environmental causes, and while he usually does not seem interested in the superhero zeitgeist, having him board a Captain Planet movie in any capacity feels right.

About Captain Planet

about Captain Planet

The world was first introduced to Captain Planet in 1990 when kids discovered the animated series Captain Planet and The Planeteers on their screens. The series followed five pan-global teens called Planeteers, each bestowed an elemental power by the Spirit of The Earth, Gaia. They were tasked with protecting the earth from evil forces who seek to harm the environment. Whenever perils escalate the Planeteers would combine their powers to summon Captain Planet, Earth’s mightiest champion.

The show was developed by renowned environmentalist Ted Turner and ran for six years on TBS and syndication with an impressive voice talent with the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Meg Ryan, Martin Sheen, Jeff Goldblum, and Levar Burton.

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Fans everywhere weren’t just watching to see what adventures were in store for Captain Planet and Planeteers, they shared a drive for wanting to make the environment a more habitable place.

Glen Powell is Captain Planet

It is no secret that the superhero genre has been having an identity crisis with many theatrical productions veering from juvenile to cynical while failing to resonate with general audiences. I would like to see superhero movies get back to a place where they not only entertain but embody the best of humanity and inspire people to be better. I hope to see Captain Planet be one of those movies.

Do you share the enthusiasm for Captain Planet? Do you believe that Glen Powell and Leonardo DiCaprio will deliver something special? What would you do to benefit the environment? Let us know on social media. Follow us for updates, we’re watching.

Source: Collider

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