POWER RANGERS nominated for KCA 2024

Power Rangers has been entered into categories for the Kids' Choice Awards 2024. Find out who is nominated and how to support the Rangers this year.

Power Rangers has been entered into categories for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award. The recent 30th anniversary season of Power Rangers has been nominated for 3 awards, with fans able to vote their favorites now. This includes 3 cast members added to the voteable selection and the series itself in the running. With the Reboot news still far away, the last season from Hasbro will get the chance to shine with its latest acknowledgment. 

Power Rangers celebrated its 30th anniversary with huge debuts during 2023, with a special and near-original series. This included Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always, which brought back the legendary Mighty Morphin Cast. This was followed by a 3rd season for Power Rangers Dino Fury as Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, which a series hasn’t had since the original. Although limited to 10 episodes, the last series produced by Simon Bennett featured the first full-time Female Red Ranger, original suits and arsenal, and even David Yost’s Billy in a mentor role. 

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Nominated for Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 

The KCA voting has begun for various categories for the 2024 event that awards recognition for TV series and movies. This has been revealed to feature Power Rangers Cosmic Fury in categories including ‘Favorite Kids TV Show’. Among the nominees, both Hunter Deno (Amelia/Cosmic Fury Red Ranger) and Tessa Rao (Izzy/Cosmic Fury Green Ranger) have been nominated in the same category for ‘Favorite Female TV Star (Kids)’.  

Chance Perez (Javi/Cosmic Fury Black Ranger) has also been nominated for ‘Favourite Male TV Star (Kids)’. This adds a total of 3 possible awards and four nominations for the 30th anniversary of Power Rangers. The series aired only 10 episodes for the season on Netflix but highlights its significance during its short run for fans around the world. Fans can now vote on the Nickelodeon KCA website for all 34 categories listed this year. 

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It’s a fantastic recognition for the season as its short duration clearly had an impact on young fans while on Netflix. The whole season has so many significant moments worthy of an award, but the cast certainly deserve the most recognition. Both Deno and Rao gave stellar performances, with Amelia as a true, empowering Red Ranger and Izzy bringing a high-drama-high-humour impact on the show. Perez also gave a brilliant performance as Javi lost his arm at the beginning of the story, which was used to highlight the Ranger spirit to never give up. 

As the last season of Power Rangers, as we know it, this would give the 30th anniversary a big bang send-off. Voters will make the biggest difference in selecting the winners, but there will also be other considerations in play. Hopefully, fans will vote in favour of the fantastic performances that the Cosmic Fury cast delivered, along with the unforgettable story featured in the cast’s 3rd season. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top once the event announces the winners of each category. 

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Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Orange Ranger
Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. (L-R) Chance Perez as Javi, Jacqueline Joe as Fern, Hunter Deno as Amelia, Kai Moya as Ollie, and Tessa Rao as Izzy in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. Cr. NETFLIX © 2023

The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2024 voting has already begun, with fans able to vote on the official website. The winners for the 37th annual event will be announced on July 14, 2024. 

What do you think of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury? Are you voting for the Rangers this year? Which performance stood out to you most from the 30th season? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news. 

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