Randy Orton Thinks Austin Theory Wrestler Will Be World Champion

Longtime WWE Superstar and wrestling veteran Randy Orton thinks that up and coming Superstar, Austin Theory, has what it takes to be a world champion one day.
WWE Randy Orton

Longtime WWE Superstar and wrestling veteran Randy Orton thinks that up-and-coming Superstar, Austin Theory, has what it takes to be a world champion one day. Orton was missing from WWE for 18 months due to a serious injury. He returned late last year and has gotten back into the mix.

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However, in the 18 months Randy Orton was missing a lot had changed in WWE. The most obvious and important is certainly Vince McMahon’s exit from the company. Another big change in WWE is the landscape of the company and its wrestlers.


Randy Orton was recently a guest on Sportskeeda WrestleBinge and was asked who from the current group of young wrestlers he sees the most potential in. His answer was the current young heel and reigning WWE Tag Team Champion, Austin Theory. Orton believes Theory has what it takes to hold a world championship. Randy Orton stated as follows on Theory:

“It’s hard, I don’t have a crystal ball or anything, but Austin Theory is young and he’s got a great look. I know where his head’s at. I’ve had plenty of talks with him, and a lot of the things that I did as a kid that I maybe shouldn’t have, the distractions that I was confronted with, he doesn’t have those. I think he’s just a little more gung-ho, motivated. He sees the goal, he sees the prize, he knows what he wants. I think he’ll definitely be a world champion one day.”

– Randy Orton, h/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription
WWE Austin Theory
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Theory signed a contract with WWE in late 2019. He became a prominent member of NXT and almost immediately made an impact on the brand. He was a part of Johnny Gargano’s group called The Way. In 2021 he was called up to the main roster and was placed on the RAW roster. McMahon took a liking to him after he stole an ancient artifact from McMahon’s office.

Since that time, Theory has risen through the ranks of WWE’s roster. he’s become a multi-time United States Champion, won Money in the Bank, and a WWE Tag Team Champion. Despite failing to ever successfully cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, Theory would go on to have a high-profile match with John Cena at WrestleMania 39, beating the all-time great Superstar in a singles match on a huge stage.

WWE Rey Mysterio and Austin Theory
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Theory has been a two-time United States champion, but the world title has eluded him thus far. Despite his heavy push early on, he was not able to become the youngest world champion of all time. This is a record Orton himself holds. Orton doesn’t think Theory is ready to win that championship just yet, believing that it’s a record he doesn’t think anyone will be able to beat or at least for a long time.

Currently, Theory along with Grayson Waller are the WWE Tag Team Champions as A-Town Down Under. They won the championships back in April at WrestleMania in a  Six-Pack Tag Team Ladder match from Finn Bálor and Damian Priest.

WWE Austin Theory, Grayson Waller
Courtesy Of WWE

With many top male WWE Superstars being in their mid-40s, it’s time to consider that they might soon be entering their final legs of their careers, such as Sheamus, CM Punk, John Cena, and Randy Orton. WWE will need a new crop of wrestlers to fill that void.

While Theory has had his ups and downs throughout his WWE run, he’s proven that he can overcome them, and he’s still rising and developing in his WWE career. It may be sooner than we think that he will be wearing a world championship around his waist.

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Do you agree with Randy Orton that Austin Theory will be a world champion one day? Who do you see as having the most potential out of the current young roster? Do you think Theory is ready for the world title or does he need more time? Let us know on social media who you think has the most potential on the women’s side of the roster.

SOURCE: Sportskeeda

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