Carmella Talks About Getting Into Wrestling And If A Big Return Is Around The Corner

WWE Carmella

Carmella reveals if she ever thought she would become a wrestler and when or if she sees herself returning to a WWE ring. The women’s division has been growing lately with many call-ups from NXT. It has provided fans with many good women’s matches, but one fan-favorite women’s Superstar has been missing, Carmella.

Carmella has been missing from the WWE landscape since March of last year. She took a break from TV to have a baby. She and her husband WWE commentator Corey Graves had a baby boy in November of last year.

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WWE Carmella
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Carmella has not returned to the ring as of yet. Her presence has been missed by fans and the question of if she will ever return is one fans have wondered. She was recently a guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet and the question of if she would like to return to a WWE ring came up.

“I would love to return. I mean, obviously, I’m so immersed in this motherhood world right now … I haven’t been able to do anything that will get me back to the ring quite yet. Hopefully, eventually, I’ll get there. But right now I’m just kind of working, I’m going to be in physical therapy and things like that, too. I mean, I’ve been wrestling for 11 years, I’ve never been injured, knock on wood. And now here I have a baby and I’m going to physical therapy so I don’t know how that works out. But here we go.”

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Carmella Is Still Ways Out From Returning To The Ring

WWE Carmella
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Carmella had a long labor and with the long delivery process, she developed two herniated discs in her spine and a condition called Drop Foot. There are a variety of ways the Drop Foot condition can develop. To break it down simply nerves in her spine were damaged and it caused her foot to not function to its full capacity. This is why she is going to physical therapy.

Carmella seems at home in the wrestling ring and is a natural for the business. This may be because her dad was a wrestler for the WWF in the ‘90s and was even Razor Ramon’s first WWF match. She grew up being a fan of wrestling and seeing her dad in the WWF magazine probably helped her immerse herself in the wrestling business.

Growing up with a dad in wrestling probably made it seem like becoming a pro wrestler was a possible dream for Carmella. She was asked if she grew up knowing she would become a wrestler one day.

“Never ever in my life did I think I would be here. I live performing, I was a dancer my whole life. I cheered in the NFL, the NBA and then when this opportunity presented itself I just felt like ‘sure let me try it. I don’t know if I can do it.’ I’ve always been a small girl so I thought it was something I could do. Then I went to the tryout and I just fell in love with it and of course with my history of watching it. I knew what it was all about. So it’s cool it all came full circle especially with my dad’s history and my love of performing.”

A Laker Girl Vs. A Pro Wrestler

WWE Carmella
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Carmella was previously a Laker Girl and while actively a Laker Girl decided to give wrestling a shot. She sent in a tape for a spot for the 2010 season of Tough Enough and was emailing someone to make the next step in the process when she found out that the commitments overlapped with hers as a Laker Girl. She had to drop out of the process and didn’t think about wrestling for many years.

In 2013 she signed with WWE and debuted in NXT in 2014. While in NXT she aligned herself with Enzo and Cass. The group was all over NXT and complemented each other very well. It is still hard to think of Carmella and not of Enzo and Cass.

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WWE Carmella
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In 2016 Enzo and Cass debuted on the main roster. Carmella talks about Enzo and Cass getting pulled aside and told they would be debuting on RAW and she naturally thought she would be debuting with them.

Triple H pulled her aside and she was excited to hear the news of her RAW debut. However, Triple H told her the tough news that she would not be joining them. She breaks down what he told her and how it was a blessing in disguise.

“He [Triple H] had told me this is a good opportunity for you to prove who you are on your own, you’re strong, you’re going to be a strong character. You don’t need to be with them, you’re going to be strong on your own. At the time of course it was devastating to hear, but it all worked out. I think the way it was supposed to.”

WWE Carmella and Liv Morgan
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A few months later Carmella made her main roster debut. It didn’t take her long to make an impact on the main roster. She won the Women’s Money in the Bank match and eventually used the MITB to cash in on and defeat The Queen herself Charlotte Flair to become SmackDown Women’s champion. 

Carmella has only held the SmackDown Women’s Championship once so far. However, she is also a former Women’s Tag Team champion. She has experience with gold so when she comes back it will be hard for anyone to stop her from claiming gold again.

Have you missed Carmella on the WWE roster? Do you think it was good for her not to debut with Enzo and Cass? With the current landscape of the WWE roster do you think she has a shot at winning a world title again? Let us know on social media who you would like to see her feud with when she returns.

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