The DIGIMON CARD GAME is Missing an Important Component

Digimon Card Game has been boosted by Digimon Liberator. However, it is still missing one main feature to spread it far and wide.
The Digimon Card Game

The Digimon Card Game has been heightened by Digimon Liberator, but it’s still missing a vital component. The Trading Card Game scene is often dominated by Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon, which is thanks to their one major contributor. For the Digimon TCG to take off outside of Japan, events and releases need to be supported by natural impressions. Here is what the Digimon Card Game is missing to bring in new potential players and set the conditions for local events.

The Digimon Card Game has been highlighted with Digimon Liberator, with the Web Comic and Novel featuring new characters. The Japanese version of the Trading Card Game has already released Structure decks based on Pteromon and Shoemon.

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Along with the upcoming booster, more characters are expected to debut as each chapter is unleashed. This includes characters partnered with Digimon featured in the Vital Bracelet series, such as Ghostmon. Cards have already been teased for new lines created for Impmon and Fanbeemon, with the English Version getting their related card in September. 

Digimon Card Game: The Missing Component Needed for Greater Impressions 

The vital component missing from the Digimon Card Game is the lack of anime, which led to significant impressions for other TCGs. Many fans were drawn to the Card Games for Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon simply because their corresponding anime series captured the imagination of young fans. Currently, there is almost no awareness of the Digimon Card Game as digital projects aren’t as successful in drawing new interest. 

Drawing In New Fans 

An anime has always led to greater numbers for a Trading Card Game, which is only possible if the anime is distributed globally. For the last 25 years, this has been seen for both Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon but there was a time when Digimon had potential. Digimon Season 3 featured the original Card Game designed for the franchise, which in turn could have aided the release of the TCG and was similar to the latest concept.  

However, although Digimon Adventure 2020 reboot was given an English reboot, its limited distribution didn’t allow for the Card Game’s audience to be enhanced. Using a card game-based concept for the anime could help provide a greater path for the TCG if all dubs are available on popular platforms like Netflix. As the Digimon Ghost Game was not given an English Dub yet, this could have also impacted the sales of the Vital Bracelet and caused its growth to hit a wall. 

Digimon Liberator is Strong but Limited 

The amazing Web Comic and accompanying Web Novel is a fantastic concept, but it’s still limited by its online platform. The release needed to be given greater publicity with local events outside of Japan, but there are currently no signs aside from Card Shop participants. Events within a Shopping Centre/Mall would be the best way to bring in attention, which used to be experienced by fans in the past. This would also be a great way to bring hype to Digimon Liberator, with platforms like GlobalComix and WebToon. 

However, these events from the past were only possible thanks to the hype that an anime generated. Digimon Seekers at least dragged in fans with their live-action trailers for different arcs. An anime can also have the potential to be distributed in multiple languages, without needing to directly promote the Card Game that currently exists. Digimon Liberator would have also made the perfect candidate for an anime series since it combines a fan-favored combination of a usable video game idea with a TCG experience fans long for.  

The Next Best Step Forward

All eyes are currently on Toei Animation to see what they could potentially reveal this year. With the 25th Anniversary of Digimon Anime, many were expecting a big reveal based on the event video shared during Digimon Con 2024. The Anime needs to be able to reach out instantly to fans in the US and UK, while also including the Card Game like Liberator does. If not an Anime, the next best component would be a video game that brings the concept of the Web Comic to life. Especially if this was a cross-platform title that allowed VR, with revolutionary releases such as the Quest 3. 

Fundamentally, both a video game and anime provide the same result, bringing the characters to life. This is what causes kids to enjoy the Card Game as an extension of the hype they choose to follow. For the Digimon Card Game to rise in popularity, an anime is needed to heighten the Card Game and Digimon Liberator further. Without this type of natural advertisement, it’s hard to say if the Digimon TCG can grow into a commonly played property. 

Digimon Card Game Liberator

Digimon Liberator has released the latest chapter for the Web Comic, Episode 03 [Shrinking Violet], Part 1. The Web Comic will release a new chapter Bi-weekly on the official website, Webtoon, and GlobalComix.


The Digimon Card Game currently features the Beginning Observer Booster [BT16], featuring characters from the Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning movie. The next upcoming booster, Infernal Ascending [EX06], will feature and will be released on June 28, 2024.

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