STRANGE DARLING Trailer for Gionvanni Ribisi’s Horror Thriller Just Dropped

Experience the edge-of-your-seat thriller 'Strange Darling,' exclusively in theaters on August 23rd, 2024.

From the producers of critical hits Barbarian and Late Night with the Devil, Strange Darling is a clever and relentless thrill ride that defies audience expectations at every turn and leaves you on the edge of your seat!

Nothing is What it Seems

In Strange Darling, nothing is what it seems when a twisted one-night stand spirals into a serial killer’s vicious murder spree. Written and directed by JT Mollner (Outlaws & Angels), Strange Darling stars Willa Fitzgerald (The Goldfinch, Reacher), Kyle Gallner (Smile, Dinner in America), Ed Begley Jr. (Better Call Saul, A Mighty Wind), and Barbara Hershey (Black Swan, Insidious).

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Premiering to a consensus of rave reviews, Strange Darling is currently sitting at a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics praising the film for its clever and fresh take on the cat-and-mouse genre and the stellar performances by the lead actors.

“Sublimely brilliant…you must go in blind!”
Mike Flanagan, Writer/Director, The House on Haunting Hill

Strange Darling is destined to become a cult classic that grows more satisfying with each successive viewing.”

“One of the most fascinating, flawlessly constructed thrillers in ages.”

A Must See Thriller

Distributed by Magenta Light Studios, Strange Darling is a Miramax and Spooky Pictures production. The film is produced by Bill Block, Roy Lee, Steven Schneider, Giovanni Ribisi, and Chris Ivan Cevic, with Giovanni Ribisi also serving as the Director of Photography. Ribisi’s dual role as producer and cinematographer highlights his adeptness both behind and in front of the camera, contributing significantly to the film’s unique visual and narrative style.

Strange Darling promises to deliver a gripping experience that will captivate audiences with its unexpected twists and turns. The film’s engaging narrative and compelling performances make it a must-see for fans of the horror-thriller genre.

Strange Darling releases exclusively in theaters on Friday, August 23, 2024

About Strange Darling

Strange Darling

Release Date: August 23, 2024
Writer & Director: JT Mollner
Director of Photography: Giovanni Ribisi
Producers: Bill Block, Roy Lee, Steven Schneider, Giovanni Ribisi, Chris Ivan Cevic
Production: Miramax, Spooky Pictures Production
Distribution: Magenta Light Studios
Cast: Willa Fitzgerald, Kyle Gallner, Ed Begley Jr., Barbara Hershey

In Strange Darling, nothing is what it seems when a twisted one-night stand spirals into a serial killer’s vicious murder spree. 

Are you ready for a thrilling cinematic experience? Will you uncover the secrets hidden within Strange Darling? How far would you go to survive a twisted game of cat-and-mouse? Let us know what you think on Discord!

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