CM Punk Shares a Major Injury Update Following His Appearance at WWE Clash at the Castle

CM Punk shared a major update about his pending in-ring return following WWE Clash at the Castle: Scotland.
WWE CM Punk, Damian Priest, Drew McIntyre

It appears that an injured former WWE Champion is moving some steps closer to getting cleared for an in-ring return. WWE Superstar CM Punk provided an update on his recovery following a surprise appearance last Saturday at WWE Clash at the Castle: Scotland. CM Punk has been out with an injury since January. However, it hasn’t stopped him from getting involved in matches and screwing over Drew McIntyre

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In the main event of Clash at the Castle, Punk interfered, dressed as a referee. He ultimately cost his onscreen rival, Drew McIntyre, the match and a victory over World Heavyweight Champion Drew McIntyre.


The event was held at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, not far from McIntyre’s hometown. During the main event, the referee was knocked out when McIntyre had the pin on Priest and a ref slid in and started to count only to stop at two. The referee was actually CM Punk, who cost McIntyre his championship opportunity as Priest ended up winning the match.

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CM Punk keeps showing up to screw over Drew McIntyre and it brings up the question of just how injured he is. Punk did a post-Clash at the Castle Scotland press conference and gave an update on his recovery and how close he is to returning. Punk stated the following on his injury status:

“I’ve been cleared only for referee duty. I had a little bit of a hiccup out there so we’ll go back to the lab and reassess. I can tell you that my arm feels amazing. I got permission to skip RAW in Corpus Christi to go home to Chicago to see my doctors with the idea that I’m going to be cleared. I don’t know if I’m supposed to stay that … I think SmackDown is in Chicago next week.”

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Punk’s plan is to hopefully get cleared and announce the good news on SmackDown, which is being held in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois later this Friday, June 21. I’m sure McIntyre will be there waiting for him and to “congratulate” him on being cleared once that happens.

Punk’s impact since his return to WWE is made even more remarkable when you take into account he has been injured since January when he injured his triceps in the Royal Rumble match. He has spent some time in NXT helping to coach the talent there, did commentary at WrestleMania, pre-show panels, and made the man who injured him in storyline, Drew McIntyre, have a difficult time.

WWE Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins
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Punk went on to clarify where the animosity towards McIntyre stems from. He doesn’t want McIntyre to get injured or miss out on putting food on the table but will do everything in his power to keep the title out of his hands. He stated the following:

“I hope Drew McIntyre is 100 percent after that grueling match. I will never wish another athlete suffers an injury that takes away what they love to do and that puts food on their table for their family, so no animosity towards Drew for the injury.

“The animosity comes from being gleeful about it. He said he prayed for it; now I’m going to prey on him. He’s never ever going to be a champion here as long as I live, not as long as we’re on the same brand, not as long as we’re in the same company, as long as there’s air in my lungs … I promise him he is never going to be a champion ever again.”

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The rivalry between McIntyre and Punk is certainly heating up. The next WWE premium live event is Money in the Bank on July 6. It’s possible if Punk is cleared in time for the event, he and McIntyre might finally meet in the ring. It’s equally possible McIntyre might pursue the Money in the Bank Ladder Match instead, and the matchup could take place at WWE SummerSlam in August. WWE SummerSlam 2024 will happen on August 3. SummerSlam definitely seems like an event big enough for the feud these two men have been embroiled in.

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Were you surprised to see CM Punk appear at WWE Clash at the Castle: Scotland? What did you think of the match? Were you happy or disappointed that Damian Priest retained his title? Are you excited for Punk and McIntyre’s upcoming match? What have you thought of the feud so far? Let us know on social media if you think Punk will or should win their match.


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