Live-Action TOTALLY SPIES! Series In The Works

Totally Spies

Will Ferrell and Amazon are developing a live-action TV series adaptation of Totally Spies! No this is not a joke.

According to Variety, Will Ferrell will produce the live-action Totally Spies! series for Amazon. The show is said to be a young adult adaptation of the long-running Banijay Kids animated show of the same name, centered around the trio of best friends Clover, Alex, and Sam as they balance college life with international espionage life, saving the world and college credit all at once.

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Totally Spies!

There’s currently no writer, director, or cast attached to the Totally Spies! adaptation, which will be collaborated between Amazon MGM Studios and Banijay Kids & Family, with Rola Bauer’s oversight.


Jessica Elbaum and Alix Taylor will be joining Will Ferrell as executive producers under Gloria Sanchez Productions, while Banijay Kids & Family CEO Benoît Di Sabatino is the executive producer for the studio.

Totally Spies Posing

“Totally Spies! is a huge success for Banijay Kids & Family, having been translated in 60 languages and sold to more than 220 territories,” With a social media base of 3 million, the series continues to thrive in its animation form with the recently launched 7th season. Rola Bauer approached me for a live-action adaptation, and we were thrilled to partner with Amazon MGM Studios. With her, Ludovic Attal, and Punit Matoo’s support, we are honoured to join such a stronghold of female-focused producers in Gloria Sanchez Productions to produce for Prime Video.

Will, Alix and I are thrilled to be joining our partners at Amazon and Banijay to bring ‘Totally Spies!’ to life as a live-action show. Gloria Sanchez was originally founded to tell stories about complicated characters and empower female voices and storytellers. As longtime fans of the animated show, we couldn’t think of a story more fitting to our ethos. The themes of girl-power, never sacrificing friendship, fun, or your true self to be successful resonated with us then, and feel ripe to revisit now.”

– Benoît Di Sabatino & Jessica Elbaum via Variety

Totally Spies! Is Totally Worth Watching!

Totally Spies Animated Series on Amazon

The original animated Totally Spies! series was created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel. It is one of the longest-running animated kids shows to date, boasting nearly 200 episodes and seven seasons. The show spawned the prequel film, Totally Spies! The Movie, and the spin-off The Amazing Spiez!

A live-action Totally Spies! was something I was not expecting to happen at all, but I would be dishonest to say I’m not interested in seeing what becomes of this. Growing up, I was a closeted fan of Totally Spies! as I was with Winx Club.

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Totally Spies! was an exciting engaging series with strong female leads. Looking back I’m not even sure why I feared being considered girly for liking the show, those girls had secret identities and fought the save the world regularly, they were arguably superheroes. Anyway, forgive my childhood ignorance. Live-action or animated, Totally Spies! has the potential to reach a larger audience with engaging storytelling, powerful heroines, and timeless subject matter to further cement itself into the zeitgeist of live-action adaptations.

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Source: Variety



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