The Retaliators Director Breaks Down the Hidden Truth of the Multiple Films the Film Honors

The Retaliators

The Retaliators is a horror-inspired novella that honors the legacy of camp, with the perfect amount of Speiberg-drama, sin city gore, balanced with the direction of Tarantino, and the heart and character perception of Evil Dead. It’s simple in scale but with redeeming factors, such as a strong narrative, practical effects, and underlying morals. It’s a great time and a fun escape when the theaters are bare, waiting for blockbusters to return.

Tinykin Review: Terrific PS5 Game And Throwback To Some Of The Classics We Love

Behold Tinykin, It’s a perfect blend of Rick and Morty with the essence and style of Papermario animation with a somewhat compelling story, tongue, and cheek writing, along with an experience that draws the player in and does hold your interest for a time or two. The premise and execution of the gameplay are pretty […]

Nope Movie Review: Jordan Peele’s Modern Day Hitchcock Thriller

Nope is a masterclass in filmmaking that comes off as a sci-fi horror Hitchcock-inspired love letter that is given the reality and movement to breathe in the presence of a novella. Peele continues to amaze and leave his stamp on the horror genre while also elevating the screenplay. It’s noticeable that he deconstructs the preconception […]