Dreamcatcher Will Cool You Off From The Heat With New Album: “Summer Holiday”

It’s getting hot, so it must be Summer. It’s ok though. Dreamcatcher is here to cool you off with the chills of their title track “BEcause” from their new mini-album “Summer Holiday”. Hitting the ground running, Dreamcatcher has once again proven to be powerhouses of variety and talent. The six track album begins with “Intro” […]

7 Reasons Not To Sleep On The Kpop Group Dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher - kpop

‘Tis the season to learn about Dreamcatcher, so listen up. K-Pop is one of the leading music categories today, showcasing the dedication to the art of song and dance – especially in a group. Starting in the early 90s, K-Pop blended English and Korean lyrics with hip hop elements and dance. Even to this day those elements are […]