Magnificent Zenkaiger Twokaizer Changer Memorial Edition Revealed For Sentai Fans In 2023

Zenkaiger Memorial Edition

The Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Memorial Edition for Twokaizer’s Geardalinger has been revealed as an upcoming release from Premium Bandai. The personal changer for the Pirate-Powered Ranger will be released with new features and a show-accurate size. The Changer for the Memorial Edition line will also feature a surprise additional gear for a live show exclusive. Here are the full details regarding the upcoming Zenkaiger Geardalinger Memorial Edition and all that the release will include.  

20th Anniversary Releases For Super Sentai shows, Hurricaneger and Abaranger

Super Sentai

Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger is celebrating its 20th anniversary, with Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger following the year after, with new limited-release specials. This release also features a new Ranger form for the Hurricane Red and Abare Red, which are exclusive to the V-Cinema movies. These specials are also joined by the news of new memorial edition releases […]

Zenkaiger StaCeaser’s Awesome Morpher released as Memorial Edition

Zenkaiger Memorial Edition

Premium Bandai has surprised fans with a new Zenkaiger Memorial Edition release for StaCeaser’s Geartozinger. The purple Ranger of the 45th Sentai is known as the Dark Ranger of the series, which originally started as an evil Ranger aligned with the Kikaitopia Dynasty, Tojitendo. Stacey who transformed into the Ranger, used a Morpher that was created by Mechanic Office, Ijirude, which is a Gege variant of the main Changer of the Kikai Sentai team. Not long after the Zenkaiger Geartlinger Memorial release, this Morpher will now be released as part of the line. Read all about it here.

Why Kirameiger and Zenkaiger Memorial Edition Morphers are Valuable for Collectors

Bandai’s Memorial Edition Morphers now include the main Changers for both Kirameiger and Zenkaiger, which have improved design and extra features. The Premium Bandai items were announced after the release of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger vs. Kiramager vs. Senpaiger, which featured both Ranger teams in the crossover special. The Changers of the Sentai Ranger teams include […]